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Babystyle Oyster

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Verobeach Sat 08-Oct-11 19:53:40

Hi there! I've been looking online for weeks now to find the 'best buy' travel system suitable from birth. Ideally I'd like one with all bits and pieces (carrycot, car seat, foot muff, changing bag etc.). So, after weeks of searching I found the Babystyle Oyster Pearl which has all features included for a reasonable price. However, I read so many mixed reviews about it and I'm not really sure now whether to purchase it or not. I'm particularly interested whether anyone has tried out the Babystyle own car seat as it doesn't seem to appear on on the review section. I'm not sure whether it's a safe car seat? I also liked the Quinny Buzz 4 (I prefer 4-wheels to 3-wheels) but also here I read too many mixed reviews. Could anyone give me some advice please as I'm new to all this and haven't got many friends with kids to get some genuine advice from. Thanks a lot!!

aswellasyou Sat 08-Oct-11 20:30:44

I think it depends what you need it for really. I'd say on the whole that the Oyster is a good buy though. I don't know about the Oyster car seat-it's strange that I can't find a picture that doesn't have the footcover on and hood up. It looks like an average seat for side impact protection. I'd go for a Maxi Cosi or Britax seat if you can afford the little extra.

welliesandpyjamas Sun 09-Oct-11 09:32:52

I have the babystyle oyster and after having tried a few different pushchairs and prams over the last 8 years, I have to say that it is an excellent all-rounder. The only one that compares, for me, is the Mutsy 4 Rider Light.

The Oyster is good on pavements and off road (within reason) as long as you tip back, not forward, on kerbs and drops (because the front wheels are smaller and have suspension). It has a rear and forward facing pushchair seat, which is a massive plus for me. Folds up so cutely, too! grin

Re the car seat you were talking about, OP, well, unless it's already included in the price, I wouldn't bother getting one to fit the Oyster. If you are out pushing along a small baby, just use the Carrycot attachment, which is better positioning for them, especially for longer periods. Then you can keep a carseat permanently attached, safely, in the car itself. And then there's none of that horrible swinging about of baby in car seat that you see grin I always think it looks awful to see baby being jiggled about as someone struggles to carry the heavy baby car seats from car to wherever. If it's included in the price of the Oyster bundle then just get it to keep in the car. If not, then just buy a good car seat to keep in the car. You can get ones that last from birth to past toddlerhood, maybe better long term value for money?


fairimum Sun 09-Oct-11 09:38:36

We had a maxi cosi carseat and it was invaluable for us to be able to take baby out of the car still asleep in car seat, clip on wheels then straight back to the car! much better if you have to collect older children quickly, pop into supermarket for a couple of bits etc! Might be fine to put them in the pram etc for 5 mins IF you have a good baby that either stays asleep or is happy to be woken, but both of mine woke when taken fromt he car seat and then screamed round supermarket etc... also my son had reflux so was most comfortable in car seat for these short trips...

Fuzzled Sun 09-Oct-11 09:38:50

Have a look at Jane.

Lieflat car seat which converts to a sitting car seat and then a good solid chassis and pushchair add on.

Made long journeys much easier as DS could sleep all the way bar feeds, and if you buy the additional mattress for the car seat, it works as an occasional cot.

Not the cheapest, or the most compact, but we loved it and DS is still using the pushchair and will be for the forseeable future.

Nicplus2 Sun 09-Oct-11 17:52:43

I have just got ride of my oyster plush after 8 weeks as i ended up hating it, it does have some plus sides but the fact that it doesnt lay flat became an issue for me as my dd at 7 ish week wasnt happy in the carrycot and looked silly in the seat.
You might find ppl mentioning the fact that the wheels buckle at the front at first i didnt understand what they were talking about but it did start to happen sad
On the car seat side of it i have the britax babysafe which fits streight on to the chassis without adaptors as the oyster carseat felt cheap and flimsy to me.

ginmakesitallok Sun 09-Oct-11 17:56:26

we've got an oyster for DD2 - after 2 years it's still going strong (but we don't use it much these days) We used the carrycot instead of a moses basket for the first few weeks, and had a maxi cosi car seat. The only negative point is that now DD is nearly 2 the rain cover doesn't fit over her feet, but apart from that we've been very happy with it

pollyhelene Sun 09-Oct-11 22:47:19

i'm looking at this one too, but havent seen any poor reviews about it, until this thread (not combed mn boards yet tho), but more of a prob for me is that i dont see many reviews at all. i've decided tonight on a maxi cosi seat too, the oyster seat doesnt seem up to much and as you say, it isnt on which.

Verobeach Mon 10-Oct-11 21:07:13

Thanks a lot for the tips ladies! thanks I just had a look at the Oyster and other brands in store yesterday and the Oyster is still on top of my list with the Quinny Buzz 4. I think I'd rather go for the Maxi Cosi or Britax car seat now too as the guy in the shop said that there isn't much research on the Oyster car seat and he wouldn't recommend it. What about the Quinny Buzz 4 ladies? The shop assistant told us that it's more durable than the Oyster. Also, he showed us Uppababy Vista which looked like a good buy too. Oh, it's so difficult to choose! There's sooo much out there!! Maybe I should just pick it out of a hat which one to buy because they all seem to be very similar, I'm just not sure which one would be the best buy!

fairimum Mon 10-Oct-11 21:09:51

the vista is AMAZING!!! after loads of buggies we now have a vista and it is totally fanstastic in every sense!!! love it SO SO SO much!!! their customer service is amazing too, had a slight problem with the hood and they had a new one with my by the next day!!! highly highly recommend!!!

aswellasyou Tue 11-Oct-11 11:55:54

I'd say get the Vista without question. I haven't heard a single negative comment about it! I hated the Quinny Buzz. I believe there have been some improvements so it may not be as bad a choice as I think it is. If you get the Oyster, pay the extra £25ish to get the air tyres. They make a lot of difference.

saoirse86 Tue 11-Oct-11 20:51:22

If budget isn't an issue get the vista, otherwise the oyster with maxi cosi or britax seat. I've had both those car seats and to me the britax seat looks like it has better side impact protection than the maxi cosi, but it's also narrower. At 12 months dd is within the weight limit and isn't too tall for it but it's very narrow across her shoulders iyswim so she looks a bit uncomfortable. The maxi cosi is a bit more spacious and she'd fit in there for longer.

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