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Footmuff AND pramsuit or just footmuff?!?!

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Chaikolo Fri 07-Oct-11 11:56:03

Hi. Now that it's getting colder, I'm wondering if I should get a Bee footmuff for my ds who's now 6 mons and a bit too large for his original cacoon we have. I have also bought him a cosey pramsuit-type outfit from Gap, but wondering if people would use both? (Thinking that's way too hot!) or just use the footmuff / pramsuit alone? Will the pramsuit be warm enough on its own!?!? Or is the footmuff better? Also what should they wear inside of these?!?! I never know what to make him wear in this weather!!

pramsgalore Fri 07-Oct-11 12:05:54

i would put him in a little coat and footmuff this time of year and then when it gets really cold, snowsuit and footmuff, at 6 months mine sometimes just wore vest and babygrow and cardi underneath snowsuit or trousers and vest and long sleeved top, just remember to unzip footmuff when you go into a shop for any length of time. i always used the raincover when it was windy and cold as well, my footmuffs are thick, i do have a buggysnuggle but i would never use one in winter as they are not thick enough, more of a spring/autumn footmuff

MonkeysPunk Fri 07-Oct-11 20:06:17

Snowsuit or snugglebag in this weather. When its really cold with an icy feel to the air both, but undo snugglebag when you go in shops. If you'll be inside where its heated any length of time you may need to unzip the snowsuit too as overheating a baby is not good. Feel their body rather than exposed forehead for true temperature.

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