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Maxi Cosi Loola Up vs. Jane Solo Reverse?

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LucieLF Thu 06-Oct-11 10:13:01

We entered the pushchairs world a couple of weeks ago (1st baby due end Nov) to find it a very daunting one!!! So after daaaays of searching the web and trying pushchairs in shop I think I've narrowed it down to 2 (weheee!). None of them are available in shops within less than 45 minute drive (only online) so I'm looking for honest users' opinion please!!!
We were looking for:
- umbrella fold with seat unit on (we'll be using small-ish car - 206 - and public transport)
- with both rear & fwd facing options
- suitable from birth to toddler years
- durability is important as we are planning a little bro/sis in a few years time (and hope to use same pushchair maybe with toddler board)

... and we've found...
Option 1: Maxi Cosi Loola Up
I've read very good reviews and only downside seems to be its weight. Some people are actually taking off the seat to fold the pushchair - which would defy one of our key criteria!

Option 2: Jane Solo Reverse
Couldn't find many UK reviews (no demo video from Which? or kiddicare who seem to have it all though - which worries me a little) but continental Europe reviews I've found were very good.
I've read conflicting info re newborn suitability, some say from 6 months others from birth. Which one is it?? Because if not from birth then it's out!
Overall bit more pricey than Loola Up but would be prepared to pay extra if justified by better features altogether (e.g. much lighter/easier to fold and put in boot).

NB: we're not sure we'll buy a separate carrycot so comfy babynest/cosytoe is v important for those first few months
NB: we are thinking of buying compatible car seat (Maxi Cosi Cabrio or Pebble vs. Jane Strata) all three having tested well in car crash tests.

Righty oh. Enough with the rambling and many many thanks in advance for your honest opinions!!!

pramsgalore Thu 06-Oct-11 11:35:44

i would not get a loola, they don't go backwards and would not take a buggy board well [the wheels will splay out with the weight] they are heavy and large folded, hence why people take the seat off. and are heavy getting up kerbs.
have you looked at the uppababy vista [it comes with the carrycot included, but you can use the seat from birth and when you have number 2 you can get the uppababy board or rumble seat for it.

LucieLF Thu 06-Oct-11 15:38:59

UppaBaby Vista won't fit through building front door as its only just over 60cm wide (old Victorian place...)

Re: newborn suitability of Jane Solo R, i've just called Johnston Pram (their UK & I distributor). Conflicting info is due to different legislations: UK => suitable from birth, rest of Europe => from 6 months.

pramsgalore Thu 06-Oct-11 16:10:57

i never look at the widths of pushchairs unless doubles sorry!!
i like the look of the jane solo r, saw one in kiddicare and dp really liked it, they do look very nice, but thats all i can really say on them, the only thing i have found is that the brakes on janes seem to click after time, but they may have resolved this with the new ones, i have owned a twin two by jane and it pushed lovely, it was very smooth and the fabrics were lovely.

SkipToTheEnd Thu 06-Oct-11 16:18:30

I had a loola up and I hated it sad

The seat harness was stupidly small, it was heavy with a 6 month old so I dread to think how it would be now with my 2 year old. It wasn't that small folded tbh.

But worse was the lack of backwards movement. I couldn't bump it up the step into my house without trouble. Shopping was a nightmare. Sometimes, getting off and on a train is easier backwards but that was impossible. Coming out of a lift was difficult. Overall, you just don't need the hassle! I wanted to love it so much but it was just difficult from the start sad

LucieLF Thu 06-Oct-11 20:18:26

Could it possibly be a faulty batch rather than a pb with all Loola Ups? When did you have yours SkipToTheEnd and pramsgalore?
It looks so right on paper I'm racking my brains for excuses smile

pramsgalore Thu 06-Oct-11 20:28:13

no, it is well known they don't go backwards and thats all loolas, i have owned 3 loola's and they all did it, i have read many reviews that say the same, go to a shop, get one down off display and pull it backwards down the isle, see how far you get!!!! the wheels and frame will begin to splay outwards, mothercare have them on display smile they look lovely, but please trust us when we tell you they don't go backwards grin

LucieLF Thu 06-Oct-11 20:38:02

Sounds like the Loola Up is out then! Well that makes it a more easier choice ;-) Thanks for sharing your experiences!!!

Anyone with a Jane Solo Reverse with experience to share?

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