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Mountain buggy Swift or Jane Slalom R ?

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Duritzfan Tue 04-Oct-11 12:19:58

Help .. I cannot decide ... I have a STOKKE. Which I have had from baby's birth - LOVE it but we have now moved into town - to a house with stepsat the top of the hill ...The STOKKE isn't cutting it anymore..DD is eleven months so I am happy to invest ..I do LOVE the fact that the Jane can face both ways, I have loved chatting with DD as we walk... But think the Swift looks better designed - aaargh ! I have to get this right or dh will kill me !!
Oh, it needs to be quite light weight too ...
Holy Grail ? grin

MonkeysPunk Tue 04-Oct-11 14:17:14

Koelstra Latinique is a 3 wheeler that faces both ways.

Personally I can't stand the Jane's - I think they're much overrated and I've often walked behind ones with wheels that look like this /---\ which to me is a sign of poor design!

The Mountain Buggy Swift is nice - but I had one for just over a month before it developed a fault and when I followed the online procedure (as specified in the instruction book) to get it repaired under warranty I got no response - I followed up my initial contact with 2 further attempts - each time I got an auto-response email acknowledging my contact - but still - to this day - they have not responded. So - as far as MB are concerned - I have an unusuable pram - with the safety lock having failed - and it's been 3 months now - and NO response!
Thankfully having bought from - they have allowed me to return the product to them - despite it being over 28 days old - for a full refund.
I would for this reason not ever recommend mountain buggy.

I would recommend any product by Baby Jogger - the Elite or the Summit are both fantastic and very good value for money too. The fold mechanism on the Baby Joggers is awesome and they are a dream to push. The quality is super duper! grin

pramsgalore Tue 04-Oct-11 14:22:38

the amount of janes i have seen/heard as the brakes are clicking aswell

TJBear Fri 07-Oct-11 21:04:39

We have the Mountain Buggy Swift and have been really happy with it. We've been using it from birth (initially with the carrycot) and our LO always looks very comfy and naps in it well. It's lovely to push thanks to the air tyres, and it turns on a sixpence! It's also not too big like some 3-wheelers are. We use ours both off road for dog walking and around shops. It folds very easily to a flat fold (the front wheel swings under the seat and the handle folds down) but it's not the smallest when folded - the wheels pop off easily if needed. It also has a decent sized sun hood with a pop-out sun visor.

The only negative for me is when you push the seat back up from recline the material gathers around the top of the seat - you can push the material behind the seat again though. I've not found it too much of an issue as we have the mountain buggy sleeping bag (which is lovely) on the seat so don't notice the material.

I can't comment on the Jane pushchair. Parent facing would have been nice at times but our LO likes to watch everything that's going on anyway, and I don't have to walk miles on a daily basis like some people on school runs etc.

Tiggywunkle Sat 08-Oct-11 11:14:29

The swift handle is low even on the highest setting. The bunching up of the fabric after a recline has really put me off the Swift - I was all set to buy one. It's uncomfy for the child and with the cosy toes I tried - both a hook over the back and a hooded one, the cosy toes simply pinged off when sitting the child upright and the cosy toes was then around their head! It is very long folded too. Great looking though.

NinjaSlipper Sat 08-Oct-11 11:17:56

Jane R is really huge. and a bit ugly in real life if I'm being honest!

TJBear Sat 08-Oct-11 12:12:50

Forgot to say...there is a good review of the swift on youtube from Baby Gizmo. It also shows the bunching of the fabric so you could have a look to see if this would put you off. I don't find the handle low though - I'm 5ft 5 and OH is 5ft 11 and we only have it on a mid-setting.

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