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Please please please tell me I won't need a double!

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Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 10:02:08

DD will be 2.10 when this baby arrrives and I thought a board would be fine. However, I have been watching out for them now and can't help think that I will be tripping over it?
It is a mile to walk into town each way and we don't have a car so we do quite a lot of walking. Also for fun as there are lots of walks round here and at gps. I just assumed that DD would be walking that far. However, Dc2 will be here in 5 months and dd still can only do about 2/3rds of the trip to shops on a good day.
I had hoped to toughen her up by weaning off the pushchair however, I have spd and back pain starting already so can't carry her if she gets tired and need the basket for any shopping.
Also reading threads where children are in the pushchair until nearly four I am wondering if I have underestimated how long dd would need a pushchair confused
Any words of wisdom appreciated!

Thefoxsbrush Mon 03-Oct-11 10:06:02

My dd was 1.7 when ds2 was born so I really did need a double. Fast forward and dd is now 2.5 and ds2 9 months. We hardly ever use our double buggy now and could easily manage without it.

Have you considered a buggy board? They easily clip on and off when needed.

I feel your pain with the SPD! Use a buggy for now and don't feel guilty about it.

MarkStretch Mon 03-Oct-11 10:10:07

My DS will be 2.11 when DC3 arrives and I have bought a Phil & Teds. We are a 2 mile walk from the city centre and he cannot walk that far. Plus I can't think of anything worse than being stuck with a crying baby and a wailing toddler who is refusing to walk home.

I am also conscious of the fact I am having another CS so my lifting/carrying of a toddler will be restricted for a while afterwards.

Don't get me wrong DS is a really good walker and will happily walk and walk until his legs get tired but then he likes a sit down and if I am out shopping then it is nice for him to climb in the buggy and read a book/have a snack while I get things done.

MarkStretch Mon 03-Oct-11 10:12:29

Bt the way I got my P&T's 2nd hand on ebay and it didn't cost me a fortune. Plus double buggies will always hold their value so if you bought one and looked after it you could re-sell it when you no longer need it.

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 10:13:17

See - DS1 - out of buggies by 2.5 as DD born when he was 17m and he was so big I got fed up with pushing the double around.

DD out of buggies again by 2.5 - although would still go in now if I let her, but she has been a reliable walker.

DS2 is 2.9 and a terrible walker and no way would I risk him walking further than than the end of the road.

Personally I did like the option of double anyway for inevitable meldown/falling down and scraping knees, and the amount of stuff you generally have to cart around.

Does your spd tend to resolve quickly post-birth? If so I would be tempted to get a scooter and a decent sling, then just use a decent single that could take DD if tired and bubs could be slung.

Else I would get one (like a phil and teds) that can be used as single or double, or that has good resale value so you dont' feel so guilty if you only use it twice smile

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 10:29:06

Markstretch that is very similar to herea mile walk and then I have all the shops to walk round.etc she rarely makes it and is in pushchair on the way back and I am concerned how much clobber I will have to carry around.

I didn't get spd or hideous back pain last time so I have no idea if it will go or not as I have had it since 15 weeks. I am not optimistic I have already been signed off work and praying that physio will help.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy another pushchair as I have a good sling, and I have a camelon, a bee + and a mountain buggy so thought I had all my bases covered! On the same note I could sell one to fund a double but I love them all...

I stand quite close to the pushchair so I don't see how I won't be tripping over a buggy board. and I have seen people walking beside the pushchair rather than behind it as the board is in the way, which seems crazy!

I wouldn't trust DD on her own on a scooter, and she is a real shorty, 29 months and wearing 18-24 clothes so I can't imagine finding a scooter she could ride?

Thanks for your quick replies!

latrucha Mon 03-Oct-11 10:33:40

I have a very similar gap and am still using my double a year or more later.

I think it does depend on how much walking you do. I do alot including school run and I wouldn't be without it. DD can do it, bbut why make her walk miles and miles every day? It would be a pain for us both. She's very active.

I found the buggy board horribe. The steering of the pushchair was difficult and I did kick it. DD also hates it. In fact, you can have mone if you want it. I'll never use it again.

If you buy a double, air tyres are your friend IMO. My Baby Jogger Classic is a joy to push. Easier than my sinlge with non-air tyres by far.

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 10:40:38

My mountain buggy has air tyres so know the joy there! It does sound like buggy boards are a pile of crap then!
I don't have a school run yet, but if I need to do anything more advanced than get a pint of milk then it is miles + I hope to be getting my figure back by going on long walks. It is looking like I need a double isn't it?
Do you get any judgemental looks for having an older child in a pushchair?

Meglet Mon 03-Oct-11 10:41:24

I lasted about 5 mins with a buggy board. I kicked it all the way down the street and never used it again.

DS was in and out of the back seat of the phil + teds until 4.8. We walk a lot and I don't wait for dawdlers.

Meglet Mon 03-Oct-11 10:44:11

No-one ever commented on my tall DS being in a double. Several lovely old ladies said they were great and wished they had them in their day smile. If we'd got rid of the double we'd have driven everywhere and he'd never of had any exercise.

suburbandream Mon 03-Oct-11 10:45:28

DS1 was 20 months when DS2 was born. I used a sling for DS2 for as long as I possibly could but I did also have a double buggy for the rainy days etc. I found the double with one in front and one at the back much easier than the hulking great side-by-side doubles.

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 10:53:50

If my back doesn't get better after the birth than I won't be able to use the sling, I don't think.
I do like my babies to rear face DD still does blush. Any recommendations of pushchairs I think I will need an offroader?

Thanks for your replies smile

SusiaX Mon 03-Oct-11 11:09:36

My DD was 22 months when DS was born and had only been walking for 5 months so definitely needed a double. I got the Baby Jogger City Select and 10 months on I still use it quite a lot. DD does walk most of the time but tends to dawdle so if we're short of time she goes in or if we're out all day she goes in to have a rest (and sometimes a doze). I couldn't have coped without a double.

I love the versatility of the City Select, I have both DC facing me most of the time but they can both face forward or face each other. The Maxi Cosi fits on with adapters and the shopping basket is huge especially if you only have one seat on it. It does feel quite heavy if you're used to a chameleon (I have one too) but has good wheels and isn't hard to push.

ArmageddonOuttahere Mon 03-Oct-11 11:13:27

I am bloody determined not to get a double. DS will be 2.9 when DC2 is born, and is a pretty good walker most of the time. For longer jaunts I was hoping to do the sling / buggy combo, or will that knacker my back?

Megastar Mon 03-Oct-11 11:17:51

I am feeling your pain as I had SPD so when I wanted to get my 3 year old walking more I was unable too as I needed the buggy for support or would have had to use crutches( tried for one day but was dangerous with them), anyway decided to get a Phil and teds which was brilliant although very heavy if you need to lift it at all. Now my son is going to be 4 in dec so am going to sell phil and teds(and they do keep there price well), and am now using my fantastic out and about buggy which is extremely light weight and has the added bonus that when my son does get tired he can sit on the front by the wheel and you can still push it easily(although he does get my daughter kicking him in the back), have you tried to sit older child on front of your mountain buggy?

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 11:19:00

Susia I have just seen the select in purple and it is beautiful! I have been using my bee+ as it is that much lighter again, DD is only 24lbs but I am a weakling!

Armageddon I have come to the conclusion I probably need a double but I don't drive and I walk miles. I also have back problems atm and I am not sure if they will go straight after I deliver. If these weren't factors I wouldn't have worried. I just can't help but think DD will be old.

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 11:37:21

i would get a double, i have heard that city selects are very heavy to push and get up kerbs with a larger child say over 2.5 years, i have had p&t's and love them, i have had the e3, sport, vibe [hated it] and now the verve, the sport was great and ds could still sit in the back at 5 years old, but i now have the verve and love it, ds sits in the front [he can sit in the back but there is more room in the front for him] and dd who is almost 3 in the back and when ds gets out it don't tip, the 4 wheels make it so much more sturdy and the back seat reclines and not just the fabric but the whole seat, i have also used a mountain buggy and that was very easy to push as well but it a side by side so wide, or you could try a joovy caboose

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 11:44:36

as for judgemental looks, yes, but not until he was over 4 really, but i ignore the comments i over hear and the looks and god help them should they make a comment direct to me grin, lots of people will say well mine were walking miles at the age of 2, mine never went in a buggy at all ever, i bet you find they have cars, thats what i found the people fast to make comments behind my back and look would be walking towards their car hmm

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 11:44:46

Megastar, I haven't tried an older child on the mountain buggy. I don't like the Mb for a new baby though as I don't feel it goes very flat. Certainly an idea though!

I will look up the joovy and verve. I wouldn't want to spend more than £500 though, thinking I can £350 for Bee+ when my new chassis comes through or maybe the Cameleon.... sad

I haven't even discussed this with DH and I am not sure what his take will be! He might very well think I am just angling for another pushchair since I have had quite a few.

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 12:06:10

If I had the money I would be tempted by a verve just for one kid and use the other for all the cr*p we have to lug around, so if I could justify I would def get it - the 4 wheels really do make a massive difference and the reclining back is ace too

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 12:13:03

Shame there isn't anywhere I can try them out locally. I still like the select for the rearfacing (and purple) but I am a weakling!

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 12:17:39

you would hate the select, because its heavy to push, kiddicare have the verve on display and yes with the back seat empty you can fit loads of shopping into it, i think jl sell the select, try lifting the front end up!!

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 12:19:39

theres always the b-dual, lots of people prefer them to p&t's i have never had one so don't know much about them, but worth a look

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 12:20:19

I don't have a John lewis for miles or a Kiddicare sad I live in deepest darkest Devon!

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 12:27:40

oh, well i would recommend a sport if the verve is out of your budget, i used mine for a few years, i have also used a joovy caboose, mountain buggy double, jane powertwin, p&t side by side, sport, e3, all of which i would recommend and a few others i would not smile, i have also used buggy boards and found the cam with bugaboo buggy board was horrid to push as you have to walk at the side and the mountain buggy urban was the easiest to push with a lascal maxi board, but they are back heavy, ie toddler can hold on to handle and lift front wheel up, i would much rather use a double than a buggy board, saves my back.

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