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Am I mad getting a Bugaboo for a nearly 3 year old?

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codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 09:37:47

Am thinking of getting a Frog as loved it when he was younger - nippy and easy to push but has four wheels (and parent facing, bonus)

He is 1m and 16kg (99% centile for height, around 25% for weight so doesn't put on weight fast) - and I need it for school/nursery run

Would you - or would it be heavy and clunky with such a big one in?



suzie38 Mon 03-Oct-11 09:44:38

I'd buy one as other pushchairs would surely be even heavier to push...I'm seriously considering buying a Xari for my 2.5year old DD very soon.

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Mon 03-Oct-11 09:47:03

I doubt he'd fit comfortably in it at that size.

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 09:47:19

Thanks - and PS I would love an uppababy vista or a xari too but have no more than £150 realistically

Anyone else?

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 09:49:02

The cameleon has a slightly larger seat unit and if he is tall this might be better. Are you able to try out a frog for size? I haven't had a frog but the cameleon would be better than so many other unless you went for a bee+ as that is soo light but ££s.

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 09:50:52

Seen your last post I think you could put a cam seatframe on a frog or so I have been told, this would be cheaper if size is a problem?

BarryShitpeas Mon 03-Oct-11 09:53:40

If he is nearly 3 he shouldn't be in a pushchair- he needs to start to walk.

If he is ill or has sn that means he can't walk far, that is different, but a healthy nearly 3 year old should be encouraged to walk/scoot.

paranoidandroidwreckmyownlife Mon 03-Oct-11 09:53:50

Bee is tiny. Tbh think you need to check weight limits too. Most say 15k with mountain buggy, phill&reds as exceptions. There will be others but you need to check.

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 10:00:02

Barry - was that the question?

Everyone else thanks for your input - problem is finding one to try - but good point about the Cam seat thanks smile

BedHog Mon 03-Oct-11 10:00:47

Is the nursery/school run a particularly long distance?

Personally if it's just a 'getting to school on time' issue, I'd get a scooter or balance bike for him.

I'd only consider buying a buggy at this age if I was planning another baby.

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 10:07:41

Yes - it's a 1.5 mile round trip with 3 kids to be dropped off at 2 different places and then onto the train station to get 8-23 train, so whilst he could walk if time were not an issue, it is an issue - AND he has a hole in the heart - satisfied???

Honestly, I asked for advice on a pushchair, not opinions as to whether it's needed - for those that have provided advice on my question thank you very much - to the trolls sod off

BluddyMoFo Mon 03-Oct-11 10:10:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BluddyMoFo Mon 03-Oct-11 10:10:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinkchampagne Mon 03-Oct-11 10:12:45

My sister had a Cameleon for my nephew but stopped using it when he was 17 months as he was getting too big for it. She now uses a Maclaren as the seat unit is longer.

BarryShitpeas Mon 03-Oct-11 10:27:35

Erm, firstly, this is an open forum, so while you have asked a question, posters can respond in any way they choose.

Secondly, where are the trolls?

Thirdly, I said "if he is ill or has sn". Now clearly a hole in the heart is sn.

Fourthly, it's never nice to be rude.

I would go for an umbrella fold.

And calm down grin

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 11:12:20

i have bought a cameleon a few months age for my nearly 3 year old, she is not big for her age though, but saying that my 5 year old did jump in it a few weeks ago and i could still push it easily, although he fiited in the seat he was above the hood, but then he is 5 grin

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 11:19:03

Thanks - Dh away having a crmmy time and overreacted, but it does get me when people chime in about DS should be walking blah blah blah

Umbrella fold no good as he jams his feet on the wheels and I have a bad neck/back that makes pushing really uncomfy - my maclaren is literally nearly killing me (although it is 7 years old and dying a rather spectacular death poor thing)

I am trying to shift some lard too so something that could be used on slightly rougher terrain would be good too - hence looking at the bug

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 11:25:03

What about a mountain buggy? The seat units are large and they are great for terrain?

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 11:47:09

PB - I love Mountain Buggies but they are hopeless here as the pavements have such a camber it really hurts my neck/shoulder to stop them rolling onto the road all the time, same with the BJCM

The BJCM 4i s a contender but my friend has just got a double for her upcoming twins and I don't want her to think am stalking/copying - plus as new they're around £100 more than I wanted to pay

Maybe the breeze however * off to have a google of breezes *

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 11:58:46

Bargain! The breeze has a fixed front wheel, not sure if that would be a problem for you?

codandchipstwice Mon 03-Oct-11 12:04:35

Blimey - that is a bargain - I think the fixed wheel may be a problem but I know I'm not going to tick all my boxes

Hmm - will dither on that a while too - thanks

kblu Mon 03-Oct-11 12:07:24

To be honest I wouldn't waste your money - if you need to buy another buggy get a cheap one. That is unless you are going to have another baby and it will be an investment.

I have a 3.5 year old and we phased the buggy out from when he turned three from using it now and again to about two months ago completely stopped. I miss it more than him - used to be great for loading your shopping onto.

sleepevader Mon 03-Oct-11 12:12:58

I'm a little confused. Whats wrong with the bjcm? Can you just put front wheel on lock?

Purple- I want a breeze now!

pramsgalore Mon 03-Oct-11 12:13:21

i think the breeze would get on your nerves after a while of lifting up the front wheels to turn or keep straight, i know it would me,

Purplebuns Mon 03-Oct-11 12:19:06

I have the urban pre 2010 which was a bargain at easter I think it was.. In college stripe and it has the swivel wheel. The breeze fixed wheel would annoy me. Mine might be for sale soon, please PM if interested.

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