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Anyone know if the Britax Vigour 3 carrycot fits onto the B-dual?

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acatcalledfelix Mon 26-Sep-11 21:26:43

That's it really. Am due in 3 weeks and an coming to accept that I'll need a double (DS will be just 2). I've got a Vigour 3 with the carry cot, so it'd be great if the carrycot DID fit!

Anyone know? smile

Tiggywunkle Mon 26-Sep-11 21:32:06

I can't see the connectors in photos. Does it have the same connectors as the B-Dual carrycot. Just to add the people I know who bought a hard carrycot for the B-Dual ended up buying soft cots for the bottom. A hard carrycot compromises the toddlers seating and the lower seat is a lovely space for a baby with high sides. I honestly recommend you consider this way of seating the children as it works better.

acatcalledfelix Mon 26-Sep-11 21:42:49

Thanks Tiggy Not sure if it's got the same connectors, I need to go to a shop to look.
I've got a hard carrycot. Does this mean I'd struggle to get a toddler in the seat below as is the intention??

Tiggywunkle Mon 26-Sep-11 21:54:35

Yes, you will almost certainly have to recline the toddler In theclower seat - i think it is possible to sit the toddler up but I hear it's not great. The lower seat drops down completely flat like a carrycot (you still need a soft cot in for legs as the baby gets older) but it works much better IMHO. Go and have a play before you buy because like I said I have know a couple of people swap to the lower seat with a soft cot. If you go to the Brirax website under B-Dual accessories you can clearly see the black connectors on the hard carrycot. I can't see these on the Vigour carrycot.

aswellasyou Tue 27-Sep-11 11:43:41

Personally, I would put the baby in the bottom seat in a soft carrycot and the toddler parent facing on top. That way you get to see both children properly. smile

plupervert Tue 27-Sep-11 11:55:50

I have just bought a B -Dual hard carrycot for a Vigour 3+ chassis. It fits perfectly.

I did this on advice from Britax, so why not give their customer services a call, to set your mind at ease?

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