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iCandy apple / pear

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RockChick1984 Sat 24-Sep-11 23:48:08

Hi, apologies if this has been done to death, but I've fallen in love with the apple iCandy. What are the best and worst things about it? Also, we may need at some point to convert it to a double, is it any good like this? Thankyou in advance.

Barbeasty Sun 25-Sep-11 11:16:28

I haven't had to convert to a pear (yet...) But I do really like my apple. DD is 15 months and we're still happy with it.

It's plenty big enough, with bigger seat than lots of other pushchairs. The carry cot was big too- our health visitor commented on how deep it was.

It's easy to use, very solid and stable. I like being able to choose which way the seat faces, and there's a good range of handle bar heights. Being able to use it with the maxi cosi seat was incredibly useful too. And it has a reasonable range of recline options with the seat.

The front wheel can be locked in position, which makes it good in snow and on sand.

We've used it a bit off road and it has been good. This is the jogged version.

It is heavy, but I haven't noticed that when pushing only when lifting it into the boot.

I should say we don't use much public transport, but my MIL has used it on the bus without problems.

Extras are expensive, but you can get generic things which fit, eg we have a £20 foot muff from John Lewis rather than the £80 iCandy one!

RockChick1984 Sun 25-Sep-11 11:41:33

Thanks barbeasty all the reviews I'm able to find seem to be that people love it at first but then end up having problems with it! The shop I've seen it in have offered to throw in the cosy toes for free, ds is 6 months so won't need the carry cot for him but I like that if we make it a double in the future, that it will be 2 seats the same size, apparently the peach has 1 normal and 1 small seat! Do you think your DD will still be comfortable in it as she gets taller? When I put ds in there doesn't look like there's a huge amount of growing room under the hood, but I'm probably imagining he will keep growing at his current rate even though I know he actually won't!!

pramsgalore Sun 25-Sep-11 13:10:12

look at this web site for info on the pear, its very good and will give you real life info
there are others on there too, as well as the blossom grin

pramsgalore Sun 25-Sep-11 14:10:26

the seats on the pear are also different sizes, blue being bigger

Tiggywunkle Sun 25-Sep-11 18:01:45

I had a Pear for a while. It was a good pushchair apart from the wheels kept getting stuck - similar happens with heavier 3 wheelers too - ie when you stop at a slight angle eg to look at something in a shop - and then try to go again. It's apparently something that happens because of the weight load of two children. But it drove me nutty and I had to lock the wheels. Of course in single mode you have different wheels on the Apple so it would be fine. But its something to bear in mind if you ever want to upgrade to a Pear. The Pear sizes are different sizes - the blue is bigger as Pramsgalore says. The yellow is smaller with a lower hood height. Having had the Pear and two Peach Blossoms (the old and new) the new Peach Blossom (not out yet) is far superior in many respects. It doesn't have the seating position options of the Pear but when you start to analyse the Pear seating positions, I am not sure how many are actually really useful. The Peach is lighter and easier to push. The seats are larger on the Pear but they are slightly taller on the Peach. Importantly the hood on the Apple / Pear is fixed but the Peach ones move up the chassis and then unzip at the back, plus the liner removes for more room. My almost 3 year old is very comfy in the seats. She still fitted in the Blue Pear seat a month or so ago, but was too tall for the yellow seat. Have a look at both on the link above for photos of children in the seats or look at this for measurements etc. Dont worry your DS will grow fine! Legs tend to grow more than bodies after about 18 months!

Barbeasty Wed 28-Sep-11 06:23:20

It looks as though DD will have plenty of room for a while yet.

I think people have said you can use an apple good on the small pear seat,to make it bigger, but I don't have personal experience.

I know lots of people move on, but I think that happens with lots of the bigger (heavier!) travel systems. As I said, we still love it but we don't use it on public transport where you have to fold it regularly etc. For using off road, taking in the car and walking from home I still love it and can see us using it until we don't use anything iyswim.

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