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Maclaren Techno XT, Quest or Jane Energy??

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spongefingeranyone Thu 22-Sep-11 09:51:53

I’m after some pushchair advice please. Some background info which will be relevant to the choice. DS is 16mo and a chunky little fella, 95th centile (when I used to get him weighed), just started walking and is long in the body and short in the leg. I work FT and he attends nursery 5 days a week so the pushchaire only gets used at weekends. I’m 5ft 9in and pushchair lives in the boot of my Ford Focus. I have a dog to walk and sometimes go to the park, river walks so a bit of bumpy gravel type ground, but mostly pavements. Currently have a Babystyle Oyster and have had it from birth with the carry cot and now the pushchair. It’s been a fab system, very easy to use and walk with, turns on a sixpence with one hand. Loved it. However, now want to get something lighter and that takes up a lot less room in my boot so that I can actually get a bag or two in there as well!

I have a budget of £120 max. I’ve read a lot of threads and have looked at your favourite BJMC but it’s just too pricey for me so I’m after an alternative. Have seen some on ebay for £95 but can’t believe they are the real thing iyswim, lowest retail I’ve seen is £170 so this price doesn’t look right to me. I’m looking at Maclaren Techno XT (yes I know it’s over budget but lots on eBay and will consider a good used one if it is the best), also Maclaren Quest Sport and Jane Energy. Would like one with higher handles due to my height which I have read the Jane and Techno XT have. Also would like a buggy that has a seat that is higher off the ground than some, but with a good sized seat as DS is a big boy. Which of these three should I go for, or is there another that I haven’t considered. TIA

Nevercan Thu 22-Sep-11 10:26:40

I have to say I love my maclaren techno xt. Robust but easy to fold up. Basket is useful. Good seat size which can be laid down if dc wants a snooze.

Hevster Thu 22-Sep-11 20:43:15

Techno! We have a techno and a quest sport and a ford focus, the techno is far superior to the quest for a larger child (my 3 yo still uses it and she is 3 stone!) and it fits in the boot of a focus. The advantage to the quest is it's quite a bit lighter and smaller so there is more room in the boot but the techno is def better to push. There isn't much to go wrong on them so you should be ok going second hand

spongefingeranyone Thu 22-Sep-11 22:36:22

Thanks all. Trip to Mothercare at the weekend I think to have a test drive of the two Maclarens before making final decision. Will have to be an eBay techno or a new quest.

mamadivazback Fri 23-Sep-11 09:46:32

I have had all three and hated every one of them!

Techno XT - Clunky recline, sticky handles, heavy to push and my almost 3 year old was able to drag his feet on the wheels which was a pain.

Quest - Tiny seat, rubbish wheels, heavy tp push and too short for me at 5'3.

Energy - The worst of the lot! Shallow seat, small hood, crap folding lock which breaks the flimsy frame if folded in by accident, recline lever broke which left one side dangling, small basket, flimsy frame... ended up in a skip after 6 months of very occassional use!

In the end I got a BJCM and wish I'd gotten it from the start.

Tiggywunkle Fri 23-Sep-11 10:38:51

Just to add I am pretty sure the new EBay Baby Joggers which say Mini at £95 will also say Micro next to them and they will be Micros. The hood has one less fold and they have smaller wheels.
I sold a practically brand new City Mini for £120 the other week after researching EBay prices and finding that's the sort of money they go for second hand (£110-130 average). With a lifetime warranty on the chassis, and fabric which you can remove and bath / shower down, as long as the fabric itself is in good nick, you could have a second hand city mini looking like new pretty quickly.

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