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Max cosi mura seat comfy and big as looks on pics?

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mummyistheword Mon 19-Sep-11 22:54:26

Hi does anyone know if the seat on the mura is as comfy as it looks in pic, can't see one in a shop to check or try dd2 in it,she is big....I know its quite a heavy pram but it's going to be used for a lot of walking, dd2 is 99 centile and tall and chunky so I want comfy seat for her when walking dd1 to playgroup now and school nxt yr dd2 is 14 months, also looking at mamas and papas sport for big seat, def want air tyres, am in north east and the snow last yr would have housebound if had no three wheeler type buggy! Any opinions on mura please?! Dd2 loud, nosey and I thought may be nice and comfy in mura seat and able to get good view! May keep her quiet for five mins, currently using micralite which I love but us really more of a car buggy for quick trips, she shouldn't be napping in it as much as she is, need sorted asap!

YouHaveNoPowerOverMe Tue 20-Sep-11 07:49:12

The maxi Cosi Mura seat is as gorgeously comfy as it looks. At least my 1yr old thought so.

My only gripe with it was the frame never felt totally secure. When pushing it the frame would wobble from side to side and feel like it was about to collapse. I got rid of it.

For single pram I loved my Britax Vigour 3 wheeler. The seat was high up so good view, it wasn't particular padded but add a liner or cosytoes to it and my ds1 never complained about being in it. The wheels are fab over rough terrain but puncture proof too!

BikeRunSki Tue 20-Sep-11 07:56:09

It really is very heavy. It was my favourite pushchair in theory until I went to see it in the shop. Even heavy to push, and I could barley lift it (and I a a big, sporty girl). DS is 91st centile for height. We got a P&T Sport instead; good size, light and he is still in it occassionally at just-3.

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