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So - Baby Jogger 4 wheeler - verdict anyone? or iCandy Cherry?

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codandchipstwice Mon 19-Sep-11 10:36:55

Is it as manoeuverable with the 4 wheels? Is it more bobbyly and harder to handle? Or fab?? Dh says after nipper debacle can spend what I need to get something that works, so tempted by this - but thinking too of iCandy cherry - any opinions?

How big is the seat on the iCandy?



Tiggywunkle Mon 19-Sep-11 11:24:11

I have a B-Agile and BJCM4 on their way any day now because I couldn't decide which to get. So I will try both out and review them and then decide which to keep. So if you can bear with me I am hoping to get them this week.

teaandbiscuitsplease Mon 19-Sep-11 12:02:12

It's very manoeuverable! Swings round on a six pence with just one hand and very little effort. It's very easy to push, even with extra luggage in the basket and changing bag on back. I haven't tried the BJCM3 so don't know how it compares to that but it's up there with my old bugaboo cameleon for manoeuvarability.

I've had mine for a few weeks now and still totally love it. We've just taken it on a week's holiday to Cornwall and it's coped amazingly well with everything we've thrown at it. Bit dodgy on dry sand (but so was the maclaren last year), fine on wet sand and did ok on grass and slightly muddy paths (not serious offroading but enough to give it a test). We even got a very admiring smile and "wow - look at that!" from an old lady when we picked it up and did the one-hand fold in a restaurant!

Have never had an icandy so can't comment on that, but I would totally recommend the BJCM4. It's so versatile and easy to live with and will easily see you through until you no longer need a buggy.

Tanyaaah Tue 20-Sep-11 19:09:23

Icandy cherry is brilliant! I don't want to part with mine. Extremely lightweight and easy to push. Seat seems fine. Also the wheels are closer together so easy on buses as takes up less room.

sillyworriedmama Tue 20-Sep-11 20:05:55

my cherry was absolutely brilliant for the first year. DS who is 14mo is looking a bit more snug in it now, so I'm trading up to a 3wheel all terrain buggy. I reckon he'll be too big in it with the cosy toes by the end of this winter. But I wouldn't have wanted anything different for the early days. I loved it being parent facing, he always slept brilliantly in it, the buggy snuggle (even my britax cheaper one) kept him all cosy in winter. But how old is your DC? if I was buying something now, I'd go for the BJCM every time. Big generous seat, light, and it's a packhorse of a pram. You can really stuff a lot in it! Great for a day out with a toddler. Much better all round for an older, bigger child.

MonkeysPunk Tue 20-Sep-11 20:08:37

Tiggy, I look forwards to hearing if its easier to push than a bjcm 3 with your eldest!

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