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Quinny vs Silver Cross Surf

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Kazzalo Sun 18-Sep-11 13:23:18


My husband and I have just returned from test driving a few buggies and I'd like to get some other people's feedback...
We've wittled it down to the Quinny and the Silver cross surf.

The Quinny - seems good quality for the price, £300 (£450 Inc carry cot) but one draw back I have is the weight you have to push when it folds down. It hurt my back!

The silver cross surf - good quality,looks cosy and fairly easy to fold up but it is pricey. Is it worth the extra £200?

Have you got one or either? Which one do you think represents value, good quality and is better long term?

We could just about strecth to the surf if the extra cost is justified - we just need convincing it is vs the Quinny.

Any tips advice would be great - thank you!

aswellasyou Sun 18-Sep-11 22:10:12

I would never recommend a Buzz although I think they have made improvements now.
I know it's ridiculously late notice, but you could buy the Surf here and use the code 9908082819996 for 20% off making it £400.

aswellasyou Sun 18-Sep-11 22:14:43

Or you could buy it here for £522 including the carseat.

There are often discount codes for Mothercare and Babies R Us.

saoirse86 Mon 19-Sep-11 17:07:17

I used to have a Buzz and I didn't like it at all. But I've never tried a Surf so can't compare the two.

For me the Buzz was very big when folded. I've just looked it up on which and it's 82x65x26 folded, whereas the Surf is 72x59x28 folded (both with wheels on and I think that's just the chassis). I found it a struggle to fit all the bits in my boot and it left no room for shopping etc. If you'll be putting it in a car boot then that's worth considering. But it's also very wide considering it's a single and I did sometimes struggle in shops. The Surf is 6cm narrower than the Buzz when unfolded.

I also think the Surf is far more attractive.

Neither have very good baskets so that's worth considering if you're planning on carrying a load of baby crap essentials around! You can get the "buzz box" for the Buzz which helps but it's still pretty small. I'm not sure if you can get any other storage for the Surf.

Kazzalo Mon 19-Sep-11 20:08:14

Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it!! Looks like the Quinny isn't all that good so we're edging towards the surf nowsmile

nancythursday Thu 22-Sep-11 19:26:43

I've got the surf, been using it for 5 months. I really like it and have had no problems. I've got the slate with a black chassis but the shopping basket is only available in silver, which did annoy me at first.

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