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So disappointed with Nipper

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codandchipstwice Thu 15-Sep-11 08:45:22

It's just arrived and it's such a fab pushchair, it's the retro raspberry and is gorgeous, light, easy to manoeuvre, not too huge folded (anything's got to be smaller than my urban detour)


DS2 is too big for it. Not in a head sticks above top of seat way, in a hood rests on his head and he has to slide down the pushchair to get clear of it kind of way sad

SO please tell me BJCM seat is much bigger as think only option left now . .

Tiggywunkle Thu 15-Sep-11 10:10:43

What a shame. I only wrote a review of the double Nipper last night and my tall 2 and a half year old had lots of head / hood room.
This may be a round about way to do things but if you go to there are side by side pushchair comparisons. There is one of the Nipper side by side with the Elite which should give you an idea of size because the Elite seat isn't much bigger than the City Mini (you can do a side by side comparison to get the exact measurements - the seat to hood measurement is a bug and should be seat back height). If you go then and look at the individual pages you will see photos of the children in the seats of the City Mini, Elite and Nipper and hopefully it will give you some comparative sizes. Have you looked at the Elite / Summit?

MonkeysPunk Thu 15-Sep-11 10:36:03

The summit has lots more headroom than the nipper, and also more headroom than the city mini. The summit is easier to push than the bjcm.
I can fit my tall 7y old in the summit xc!

codandchipstwice Thu 15-Sep-11 10:39:01

Thanks - my SIL had a summit and it's huge though, one of the reasons I wanted a nipper is so I can get on and off buses/trains with it as it's relatively small/light. Nursery doesn't have much storage room either

Tiggy - I'll have a look when on lunch grin

Tiggywunkle Thu 15-Sep-11 10:40:37

If you pop the wheels (or one or two) off the Elite the fold isn't really much different to the City Mini. Happy looking.

MonkeysPunk Thu 15-Sep-11 10:48:02

The summit folds remarkably small, esp considering its size when up.
You will have no probs if it snows this winter either. The handbrake on the summit is a huge help in slippy conditions and on slopes.
It's a shame the nipper seat isn't a bit bigger. I sold mine as Ds was too long to nap in it laid back at 3y. Loved it apart from that.

bunnynose Fri 16-Sep-11 09:12:34

I found the seat small as well when I tried my dd in one recently. She is 98cm tall as her head was resting on the hood fabric when it is folded back. I did find that you can tuck all the excess fabric behind the seat unit so they don't lay on it, but I then found my dd's head was above the top of the seat. It didn't look very comfortable for her as there is a metal bar that runs around the top of the seat unit that you can feel through the fabric even with the seat pad on. It's a shame as when the hood is opened out there is a lot of head room, so I don't know why they can't make the seat unit a bit taller.

I had a BJ Elite for a few weeks which has a very tall luxurious padded seat, but the seat is not much bigger than the City Mini. My Elite had a fault though and had to be returned, but the wheels made it a lot wider than the City Mini and it only just went through my front door! I even couldn't get into one of the shops in town. Very surprising for a single especially as my huge old Urban Detour goes through no problem.

I am now back to my trusty old BJCM. My dd fits in no problem. I sometimes have to tuck the seat mesh behind the seat if it drops down on her head but she has still got plenty of head room, and I can get it on the bus and train no problem which I wouldn't want to try with the Elite. I think my buggy buying obssesion is finally over as I haven't found anything as versatlie as the BJCM. Maybe the new one with the air tyres coming out next year will be even better, but my dd will be too old to justify a new buggy by then!

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