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Any experience of Mothercare repairing/replacing prams?

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SemperUbiSubUbi Tue 13-Sep-11 16:21:25

My lovely Quinny has developed a fault with the clasp that keep it collapsed.

I have just emailed Mothercare basically telling them that it has opened up in my boot three times, opened as Im getting it out of the boot countless times and yesterday DP got his hand caught in it and it really hurt him as well as making a mess of his hand.

I bought it in September 2010 so it has another 12 months cover on it, do you think it will be simple to get them to repair it? I hear bad things about their customer service.

Also what are the odds of them swapping it for a Bugaboo bee for me? grin

pramsgalore Tue 13-Sep-11 16:36:23

mothercare customer service is CRAP, go in with pram and see what they say, then when they are unhelpful contact trading standards, i refused a repair on my pushchair as not exceptable but it was only a few weeks old. they will not swap it though, you have had it too long. what ever happens don't take the rubbish i got told, that it is up to you to contact the supplier and sort it out, because its not its the retailer that has to deal with any warrenty issues. they are responseable for the goods they sell

SemperUbiSubUbi Tue 13-Sep-11 16:37:54

I was joking I know they wont give me a brand new Bee with a red hood grin

If only eh?

Thanks for the advice, its helpful to know it definitely is their responsibility.

pramsgalore Tue 13-Sep-11 16:50:24

well you never know, i did manage to get refund on a 4 month old pram once as it was faulty grin and good luck you may need it.
always good to say things like, unfit for purpose

SemperUbiSubUbi Tue 13-Sep-11 16:52:01

It is unfit for purpose! It keeps getting stuck in my boot.

You know because of the hydraulic erm, erection? It shoots up in the boot then I cant get it out!

pramsgalore Tue 13-Sep-11 17:02:45

this is a good place to get info, as they prob will try and fob you off

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