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Cosy toes to fit Maclaren Quest

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mintymellons Mon 12-Sep-11 13:05:44

Does anyone know which is best?

Presumably the Maclaren one, but are there any others which fit it well? I seem to remember we had trouble getting a suitable one when DD1 was little and had a Maclaren. Tried a Buggysnuggle and it didn't fit at all well.


pramsgalore Mon 12-Sep-11 13:06:58

i think tesco had maclaren footmuff in there sale clearance i will have a quick look

pramsgalore Mon 12-Sep-11 13:09:16

no all gone sad

mintymellons Mon 12-Sep-11 19:22:59

Thanks anyway!

WaftyCrank Sat 17-Sep-11 21:03:50

I had a Kaiser on mine. Lovely warm footmuff that zips down the middle and is really long. It does need to be pulled up a little every so often to stop rubbing on the wheels but it fits well.

fiorentina Sun 18-Sep-11 16:50:21

I just got a maclaren one from Kiddicare clearance 2 weeks ago. It fits well.

Hevster Mon 19-Sep-11 21:18:43

just put my john lewis one on and it fits really well (last seasons red with white starts)

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