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A bit of BJCM trouble...

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NinjaTurtle Thu 08-Sep-11 22:29:30

My bjcm has finally arrived, I love it! But, I have managed to misplace one of the little plastic cover things which sit in the bumper bar attachment part. Any idea where I can get replacements? Should I call baby jogger? I have tried a search for them, but I don't know what they're called.

mamadivazback Fri 09-Sep-11 09:32:36

When did you get it and where from?

If it's new I'd call the sellerand tell them that it was missing in the first place but tht's just me.

Tiggywunkle Fri 09-Sep-11 10:51:07

Call your retailer first, and after that Kooltrade. I am sure the latter will help but start with your retailer as they should be your first contact point.

NinjaTurtle Fri 09-Sep-11 16:21:58

I picked it up on the 2nd September. I may call the store and tell them it was missing then. Thanks for the replies.

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