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Which Phil and Teds to buy?

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blondiegromit Wed 07-Sep-11 16:28:23

Hiya, first time using mums net here we go. I am all geared up to make my first Phil and Teds puchase on e-bay, however I am super confused about the different styles and varying prices between the different styles.

I want both seats (double version) to recline and a decent sun hood oh and comfy seats. Can anyone please reccomend which style to buy and any idea as to how much to expect to pay for it second hand. I am due to pop on the 21st Nov and Aiden is going to be 2 in Jan. Thanks in advance

friggFRIGG Wed 07-Sep-11 16:35:40


ive had them all and it is by FAR the best.

not sure on 2nd hand price though,maybe do a 'completed listings' search on ebay.

pramsgalore Wed 07-Sep-11 17:26:09

verve, i have also had them all and agree its the best one, may as well buy new though as they go for silly money on ebay as they are new out, kiddicare are good. if that is really out of your budget then get a sport, the back seat does not really recline though, [it does but if ds head is above the metal frame then the recline is useless] but the vibe is rubbish and the explorer has issues and has had a recall on some models so i would be careful buying one second hand.
although you say you need the second seat to recline, you won't be able to use the recline until baby is about 5 months as second seat will be on the front anyway and by then will ds1 need the recline, i have had a sport for a few years and it was great, i have always put the oldest in the back seat and youngest in the front [when the seat is on the back] and it never tipped as long as front seat was not empty, but the verve is better if your budget allows, and also on the verve you can leave the front seat empty and larger child in the back and it won't tip, its more balanced and the second seat has a fab recline if really needed when on the back. the e3 is good as well but these are really old now.

pramsgalore Wed 07-Sep-11 17:30:44

on re reading your post, i would get the verve as it has everything you have asked for and some but it is not cheap but i would be happy using it as a single so you would def get your moneys worth and the resale would be good. the sport you could put liners in to it to make the seats more padded

Hevster Wed 07-Sep-11 20:00:41

I've had an e3, a classic V2 and a sport - definately recommend the sport out of the 3 as the hood on the classic V2 and explorer is pants, it comes off whenever you fold the buggy and at other random times! You can get a hood now for the second seat for about £20 new which is great and the seats are fairly well padded on the sport. as for price, I sold my e3 for £216 a year ago and my classic V2 for £260 6 weeks ago on ebay but i was prepared to post and they had been well looked after.

Hevster Wed 07-Sep-11 20:02:13

oh and it might be worth trying 1 in a shop first as my eldest was too tall to get the raincover on when it was set up for toddler and newborn!

Tiggywunkle Wed 07-Sep-11 21:08:49

The Hammerhead has a recline. If I were ever to try another P&Ts that's the one I would try. I like four wheels smile

blondiegromit Thu 08-Sep-11 12:13:17

Thank you soo much everyone. The advice I have recieved has been really helpfull. I hope I can put it to use and make the purchase this week! Ahh decisions!!

Thanks again
Claire x

iarebaboon Thu 08-Sep-11 12:20:52

The hood pinging off issue on the explorer has been fixed and iv yours still does you can send off for a little kit to fix it

There's a videa on Kiddicare showing you how it's done

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