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Question about the new peach blossom

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ImpyCelyn Wed 07-Sep-11 10:30:37

Is it just the converter and second seat that are changing? The actual Peach chassis is staying the same?

If so, does that mean I could perhaps get a Peach 2nd hand to reduce the cost a little?

Do you think they are solid enough to be ok to buy 2nd hand?

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks if anyone can answer them! smile

Tiggywunkle Wed 07-Sep-11 10:52:48

I only know what I was told by iCandy a couple of months ago. The main chassis and main seat will stay the same apart from at some point there will be a modification to the basket area. I believe from studying the new and old Peaches that the new one has a slightly different shaped basket. The modification is an option on offer should anyone want it (I don't know the terms of the offer whether it's free or to pay for and if it's free whether you need a proof of purchase or not). But I have been speaking with someone who has the new Blossom kit on an old chassis and it apparently fits great with space underneath the seat for bits and pieces. So I don't think the new basket will do more than offer a bit more space. The whole idea of the Blossom kit is that it can be an add on to the main Peach, so people will have bought the Peach say last year hoping to add on the Blossom kit for number two at a later date. I am not aware of any other changes specifically for the new Blossom kit.
However if you buy second hand I would try to see a Peach in advance. The later Peaches don't have windows in the hoods (the new Blossom kit doesn't) and I have heard of the windows cracking. The later ones have larger harnesses (mine was bought March 2010 and it had small harnesses). Just check for things like loose handlebars, squeaks etc. I have had two Peaches now but only for a few months each, and mine have been fine. But a friend has had loads of problems with hers in a matter of months and has had a chassis replaced and it's been back three times for various things. But if someone has used a Peach and you cant see or hear anything then fingers crossed you should be fine. They are certainly solid pushchairs. I wouldn't buy one that has had a buggy board on though as the chassis aren't designed to take the weight of a buggy board.

ImpyCelyn Wed 07-Sep-11 11:17:35

Thanks for all the info.

I would much rather buy a new one so that we could check it all out in advance and have a guarantee etc. But they are eye-wateringly expensive and I've just been made redundant.

Given that there have been improvements made in the past and that it might be difficult to check things on a 2nd hand one I think we'll only go for it if we really have to.

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