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Baby Jogger City Mini or Micro for 2 year old?

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schmoz Tue 06-Sep-11 21:23:27

My 4 year old Maclaren Quest is giving up the ghost and I assumed I'd replace it with another umbrella type but the reviews led me to BJCM and I think I'm sold. I was only planning to spend about £100 which would get me the Micro, but lots of people seem to think the Mini is much better. Is it really worth another £100? DS is nearly two (and definitely the last!) and I use public transport and walk a lot.

Nicplus2 Tue 06-Sep-11 21:27:42

Having been the owner of the micro i would def go for the the mini, the mini is just so much nicer it reclines and has the big hood, although my dd slept fine in it i did regret not just buying the mini.
They do sem to have a good resale value for when uve done smile

schmoz Tue 06-Sep-11 21:30:55

Hmmm...I was worried someone would say that. Guess I'll have to work on the 'resale value' pitch to DH grin

sleepevader Wed 07-Sep-11 06:50:52

Mini much better plus resale value better.

However think micro often cones with a raincover although I have never actually needed a raincover with mini as hood so big.

codandchipstwice Wed 07-Sep-11 08:37:46

My micro didn't come with a raincover and I found my 2.5yr old incredibly heavy to push in it, I actually thought it was faulty but it's just the much smaller wheel at the front. I loved the size of it and the fold and the colours are nicer too but I would go for the mini too

mummytasha11 Wed 07-Sep-11 08:40:19

I have had the micro for a few weeks now and I love it smile apart from the bigger hood and more of a recline there isn't that much of a difference for an extra 100 pound. smile

schmoz Wed 07-Sep-11 11:50:20

How old is your child mummytasha? DS is almost two and I'm worried he might outgrow it. Truth is I don't think I can find the extra 100, even though I'd prefer the mini.

pramsgalore Wed 07-Sep-11 13:18:27

i think i read the seat is taller on the micro, they are on ebay for £99 new with free postage grin

mummytasha11 Wed 07-Sep-11 21:09:15

My ds is 8 months so hoping it will last him a while I saw an older child in one when o bought it and made me decide to buy it as he looked comfy and supported.

bellastella Sat 10-Sep-11 22:30:15

my ds2 will be 4 next month and fits in my city mini easily and comfortably. it's a bugger to push with his weight in though! i much prefer pushing ds3, who's 4 months!

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