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baby jogger what or maclaren which?

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holidaysoon Sun 04-Sep-11 11:58:23

suddenly I'm not even sure if these are comparable!
looking for a cheap small easy fold rel. easy push round town kind of pushchair for a chunky 2 year old

I'm actually trying to downsize but will prob hang on to my MB for the off road/carrying loads stuff

prev maclaren was a volo which was great but I will be using it more so think I might need a slightly more sturdy maclaren (was thinking techno or quest)

not sure which baby jogger TBH they look big in comparison to the maclaren


Gastonladybird Sun 04-Sep-11 12:06:50

I can't comment on baby jogger but have both techno and quest . both are good- quest lighter and possibly more nifty to push but doesn't recline that far and has a tent type rain cover .

Techno light but bit sturdier as has double wheels. Has integrated sun/ rain cover that you can fold right down ( so dead cosy ESP with foot muff ). Reclines virtually flat. Both fold easily .

If it really is second light fold up option you need as have something else quest prob best.

going Sun 04-Sep-11 12:08:41

I have a techo and find it fab. I like the fact it reclines as ds sometimes falls asleep in it after a long day out.

fraktious Sun 04-Sep-11 12:13:55

We have the BJCM and love it. It doesn't seem bigger than friends' strollers and it folds more compactly.

emsyj Sun 04-Sep-11 12:17:12

I've got a babyjogger City Mini and it's great - so easy to fold and sling in the car, or even fold up if I'm in a crowded cafe. I am really pleased with it. I bought it so that I could take DD on the train, as the step up onto the local trains is too high to wheel my big travel system pushchair onto it, but I can fold the bjcm with one hand and carry DD (15 months and huge for her age) with the other so it's easy to take her on the train now - much cheaper than paying tunnel fares and parking fees to go into town!

holidaysoon Sun 04-Sep-11 12:27:37

thanks guys
I shall look at dimensions of baby joggers again, a friend had one and it seemed nearly as big as my MB (but I didn't see them side by side)

thisisyesterday Sun 04-Sep-11 12:32:48

i think the baby joggers are very possibly wider than your bog standard maclaren. but the seats are bigger and the brakes are a lot better!
nicer to push too- you can push one handed

they fold in half, so not as compact in that sense.

incredibly well-made though. i'd choose it over a maclaren i think. we have the micro which is absolutely fine for a 2 year old

Tiggywunkle Sun 04-Sep-11 17:51:01

Baby Joggers are fab. The Micro has a two fold hood, has small wheels and small recline and is a tad heavier than the Mini. The Mini has a larger three fold hood, bigger wheels, weighs a tad less than the Micro and a full flat recline and a choice of 3 or 4 wheels. The Baby Jogger Elite essentially is a similar size in chassis but the wheels are bigger, there's a bigger footplate, adjustable calf rest, more padding, handbrake, more storage, all of which make it heavier and a bit more chunky, and it costs more. All are fab pushchairs smile

MonkeysPunk Mon 05-Sep-11 00:02:48

I found the shape of the bjcm folded far more convenient than that of the maclarens folded. It free stands folded (at an angle, but can free stand folded), and is easier to store in my cupboard, the hall, car boot, buses, boats, trains etc.
The fold and set up of the bjcm is faster and even easier than that of the maclaren.
I have noticed my child's posture and comfort when sleeping are significantly better in the babyjogger.
I do think maclarens look lovely, but remind myself that the babyjoggers are actually nicer to push, have better storage baskets, are more comfortable for my child and also look lovely.
I think the babyjogger is better value for money with quality sealed ball bearing wheels. This means the wheels rotate more easily without friction, so it requires less effort to push. Maclaren wheels are very simple by comparison essentially they're plastic discs with a metal axel through.

teaandbiscuitsplease Mon 05-Sep-11 08:06:13

BJCM all the way for me!

I have the BJCM 4-wheeler and it's brilliant, really easy to use and able to take child plus bags / shopping with ease. It's a really easy push too. The other day I pushed my big 3 year old (17+kgs) who was asleep in it across grass one handed whilst carrying my 9 month old in the other hand with no problems whatsoever. The fold is genius too as is the hood.

I have previously owned 2 Maclarens. A quest which was rubbish - wouldn't push in a straight line and when the seat was reclined the back of the hood wasn't long enough to go over the back of the seat so flapped around little ones ears! - and a techno XT, which is a good sturdy pushchair and great for a bigger child, but is very difficult to steer one handed and if you hang anything on the back tips back as soon as little one jumps out (no probs with this in the baby jogger). The basket on both was useless and didn't hold much at all.

The BJCM probably is a little larger than the techno (not much though), but is still a doddle to coast round shops and town with. However, I think the extra features and sheer user-friendliness make it well worthwhile the extra money .

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