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Best buggy to use a wheeled board on?

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mummyistheword Fri 02-Sep-11 23:43:25

Looked at a joovy in mothercare, was very good but felt dd2 deserved proper buggy or pushchair seat and dd1can manage with wheely board for odd occasion she needs it, also dd2is huge at 13months and head at top of joovy seat already, so think I want......
New comfy pram seat for big 13month old and roomy
250 max budget poss squeeze bit more....
Easy able attach buggy board and use with dd1sometimes prob not miles walking though but handy for keeping her still, she's very good now she is three and three quarters, her words not mine
Able clip board up out the way when not in use
Poss fit on bus although good access buses here and only now and then, have a few ideas but need suggestions!! Thank you!

mummyistheword Fri 02-Sep-11 23:45:28

Would a pliko with toddler step built in be ridiculous? I do like the comfy factor of mamas and papas seats on the whole, I like the 03 sport but maybe heavy with board also......

friggFRIGG Sat 03-Sep-11 10:28:01

maybe a second had bugaboo frog/gecko with a bugaboo board...

pramsgalore Sat 03-Sep-11 10:52:26

joovys very good but yes not a snug pushchair just basic, plikos are heavy to get up kerbs, you need to put your foot on said step to get up kerbs, but saying that they are good to push with toddler on back compared to buggy board and if you got the switch one you would still be able to have dc2 facing you..
micralites also have a buggy board but you would have to have the extendable handles and still not the most comfy thing to push with the board on but ok, oh and you would have to get buggy weights to stop it tipping back.
mountain buggy, one of the easiest to push with a buggyboard [lascal board].
maclaren xlr hated it really hard to push and steer with buggy board on.
mamas and papas freestyler [can only get second hand] very good with buggy board.
bugaboo cam, ok but board has a center wheel so you have to walk at the side of the board, but very easy to push, have seen cams with lascal boards fitted which would be easier.
or forget the board and get a p&t as your dd1 would be able to jump in and out the back seat as they pleased, they are easier to push than anything with a board and when seat is empty lots of room for shopping or just use panniers, don't worry about the weight, my 5 year old still was getting in the back of mine and it was fine as long as dd4 was in the front, and he is over 17kilos
i found the lascal maxi board the best one to use, hth

Tiggywunkle Sat 03-Sep-11 12:40:55

There's an offer on Lascal boards on www.cheeky at present.

Tiggywunkle Sat 03-Sep-11 12:41:40

Try again lol silly iPad split the words up!

fairimum Sat 03-Sep-11 16:19:38

the uppababy vista is amazingly fab with their own board - had a great morning out with it!!! seat unit is huge too

mummyistheword Wed 07-Sep-11 14:50:44

Back again! Still searching, double nipper nearly sold so soon extra funds for a buggy purchase, am loving my micralite fast fold and have seen the boards for it but don't want it as many buggy for dd2 but it's fab for quick trips, someone here suggested bagabottle and I got their buggy hanging storage bag and bottle holders, totally fab and negates need for huge change bag, just have a mini change pack in basket and a little backpack for each dd all great, have strange and irrational desire to get a new quinny buzz, would the toddler seat be ok for 13month old biggish toddler? And the lascal mini? Do the mini and maxi clip up when not in use? And can you get the buzz box on with the board attached?! Reviews of buzz horrendous in part but I am drawn to it, again.....had one when dd1 baby but was fine for baby......hmmmmm like new colour ie black mams papa 03 sport but rain cover bulky, front wheel not that swivelly when tried one in shop and floaty harness worrying andnwould either fit on a bus? Omg, I like air tyres and want dd2 to be comfy as she sleeps in buggy a lot on pre school runs and other days out the lascal site says the mini fits both my current buggy choices well
Any other suggestions? Like idea second hand cam or gecko with bug wheel board but need to search about locally for that, have heard Mac techno xlr not great with board, assume buzz better due to adjustable handles and the sport has adjustable handle,
What about bjc elite I wonder? Hmmmmm expensive though and would that fit on a bus? Sorry long post, help appreciated though.

5inthebed Wed 07-Sep-11 14:55:12

I founda Mutsy 4rider and wheely board an excellent combination. Seat is huge and can face both ways, basket huge and youre not walking funny with the board on.

5inthebed Wed 07-Sep-11 15:01:52

Bargain if you live near Chorley. You can always sell the extras on if you don't need them

pramsgalore Wed 07-Sep-11 17:40:07

baby jogger now do their own boards, so the elite would be good, i can get my phil and teds on a bus, the micralite with buggyboard as i said would not want to go far and you would need the handle extenders and buggy weights. out of what you have mentioned i would look at the babyjogger elite with the glidder board, you would get a good resale value when you come to sell it as well.

mummyistheword Wed 07-Sep-11 21:41:25

Thanking you all. Not near chorley but local urban rider here in north east for good price maybe I will check it out, has the duo seat and fun seat in package.....are these good?! My dds quite heavy and dd1 is 4 at end December. Will check out the elite and new idea its made by same company. And will check out urban rider

Tiggywunkle Wed 07-Sep-11 21:59:19

I loved the Urban rider in a fun way (my chassis is on Ebay at present) but it's not very manoeuvrable in shops etc. It's got a huge turning circle! But I had a lot of fun with it. It's small, neat, bouncy and drives up and over anything! Great for off roading! Probably the best off roader I have tried. The Duo seat is probably no good to you unless you have a light 4 year old. My 2 year old was too heavy for it and the Duo seat really did creak with her almost 15kgs on it. I wouldn't let her sit on without me present. I was going to keep the chassis and get the fun seat but apparently it has no or barely any back support.

5inthebed Wed 07-Sep-11 22:11:35

Urban Rider has a bit of a funny steering, as Tiggy has said. the 4rider is much more like your usual pram where the sterring is at the front rather than the back.

pramsgalore Wed 07-Sep-11 22:17:16

grin i had an urdan rider bugger to steer until you get used to it, i would have to lock the wheels in shops and to go backwards, but when you get the nack brill for a walking pram, my duo seat used to strain under the weight as well, hated the buggy board, but it was easy to clip on and off, used it for a few months, the basket is really shallow, but you can get a large shopping bag for them now, not about in the uk when i had one sad, i could never get the nack of folding it though dp used to fold it first time everytime, i just made it look difficult.

rogersmellyonthetelly Thu 08-Sep-11 08:59:09

Don't get a buzz, the seat isn't very big. I bought one second hand when dd was 2, she just fitted in the seat, and I mean just, and she was 25th centile for height and weight, also it was horrible to push with heavy toddler.

mummyistheword Thu 08-Sep-11 23:30:04

Ok, uran rider not for me! Sorry fans thereof. Tried dd2 in the 03 sport, nice but she slumped a lot as it had very padded central bit where her head was and she slid off it, was also v big for buses or small spaces, ....tried her in new improved 2011 buzz , larger seat and longer harness and better basket etc, she was v comfy and she is 99th centime and it didn't feel as huge as 03 sport and was easybto push albeit briefly in the store and the extendble handle made me ble to walk really far behind it and not lean where I had an imaginary buggy board! So it looks like in the running still but am wary as my dd1 got too big for her buzz very quickly but that was the old style padded seat. Macs still screaming practical option at me but ahe was sat very nice upright in the buzz, well supported etc, hmmmm can't decide! Wil await further inspiration!

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