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Please help! Any opinions welcome!

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justnodandsmile Fri 02-Sep-11 14:32:17

I am SOOOO fed up of researching prams now! I've spent weeks looking at reviews and had 3 different pram shopping days with DH all to no avail. I've got a new short(ish) list and would love to know people's opinions on any you have experience with. I'm looking for a pushchair that:I can use from birth (with a bassinet if necessary); looks stylish (I know. I'm shallow.); handles well on different terrain; great build quality; comfy for tall people (I'm 5ft 10) and DH is also ruling many out because he doesn't want to damage his precious work shoes with tricky footbrakes. The only one i've tried is the Mima (soo pretty!)

In no particular order i'm considering...

1) Joolz Day
2) Mima Xari
3) Uppa Baby Vista
4) Jane Trider/Rider
5) Mountain Buggy Swift
6) Phil and Ted's Verve
7) or i'm considering waiting to try the new icandy Peach Jogger and Strawberry (however baby is due early November and they are not out yet) as I love the Peach but hate the colours....

Any opinions welcome!

fairimum Fri 02-Sep-11 14:35:50

We have just got an uppababy vista and it is amazing, brake is fab, seat unit huge, working well off road, very good for tall people, customer service is amazing, quality is fab! we are so so so pleased, it is the perfect pushchair! do try adn go and see one - they list stockist on their website - alot of place tols us 6 week wait but found a few places online that can deliver now! is is really really lovely smile

AnotherJaffaCake Fri 02-Sep-11 14:40:03

Having learned my lesson when I bought a buggy that didn't fit into the boot of our car blush first time around, I'd suggest you think also about whether you are going to need to fold it down and put it in your car boot.

Also, how easy is it to fold down, can it be done quickly whilst holding your baby (if you need to), and also how much does it weigh?

Living in the country, I kept the heavy-weight three-wheeler that didn't fit into the boot for use from home, and had a small cheap lightweight buggy I kept in the boot of the car. I didn't go for fashionable choice as it would only have ended up covered in mud!

fairimum Fri 02-Sep-11 14:43:43

we do also have a 2nd hand 3 wheeler for proper off road dog walks in the mud etc - after trying many many options something for both day to day dog walks etc never works! so go for something you love for day to day and then get cheapy 3 wheeler for off road in the wet - the the vista had handed off road in the dry fine today but really wouldnt want it covered in mud! smile

justnodandsmile Fri 02-Sep-11 15:22:49

I think you are both right. We also live in the country so need something practical for dog walking, and I think I will probably get a 2nd hand cheap something or other that I don't mind getting covered in horse poo and mud and keep the other pushchair for 'best'. We are also in the process of buying a new car and are going for a 4x4, so although I would ideally like something small enough to be easy to handle, size is not really a deal breaker for me as i'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly?) that they will all fit in the boot.

cheekyginger Fri 02-Sep-11 15:28:34

I see you have a Jane on your list.

I have a Jane slalom reverse matrix light. And i love it.

The car seat lies flat so LO can fall asleep in it then be transported into the car. It also has the option of sitting upright when needed.

The actual wheel part is fab for off road, and really easy to manouver, (one handed if need be).

My DH is really tall and never has any probs kicking it. And adjustable handle. The brake is easy to put on and off and you use the sole of your foot so no scuffing of shoes!!

The only down side is the weight of the car seat. Its is lighter than their older models. It does up to 13kg which is great but my DS is now 6kg and i would struggle to carry him any distance. BUT saying that the wheels are so easy to manouver that i just pop him on that if needed. The car seat simply clicks onto the frame, NO fiddly bits!!

pramsgalore Fri 02-Sep-11 15:43:39

Hi, i have a mima xari and a p&t verve i love both, but if you don't really need a double i would recommend the xari, they are so nice in everyway, they are a delight to push and very eye catching
if you want a double the verve is fab, i think its the best of the p&t and i have had them all, but when using in double mode with 2 dc you will need the panniers, the verve folds really easy with doubles kit still on and is so easy to push.
and both won't damage shoes with brake, the xari is a push on, push off brake and the verve is on the handlebar

wheelshavefallenoffthebus Fri 02-Sep-11 15:46:32

We have the iCandy apple jogger, am assuming this is similar to the peach jogger? As it is a 3 wheeler it is prone to over balancing at times which is worse with the carrycot. Apparently this is not only something that happens with iCandy bug other 3 wheelers. It's ok you just have to be quite strong and prepared for it when you go down kerbs! We have had 3 punctured tyres as well and we haven't used on any odd terrains. And the handle broke after two years. Unfortunately I have not experienced good aftercare with iCandy which may be something to consider with such a big purchase.

wheelshavefallenoffthebus Fri 02-Sep-11 15:47:36

Ps we are both over 5ft 10 and have had no problems with pram as handle is adjustable.

cheekyginger Fri 02-Sep-11 16:04:41

Just read some of the other posts properly....

The Jane slalom reverse matrix light is great for BOTH off road and around town. And the wheel unit fits in the back of a yaris!!!

Tiggywunkle Fri 02-Sep-11 16:14:10

Honestly, go and try as many as you can in shops. You won't get better build quality than the Xari. Look at the does the handlebar feel in your hand? What happens when you recline and more importantly sit the child back up ie where does the excess fabric go if it's not a rotating seat (like the Xari), do you need shopping space? Is it easy to fold? Will an older child be able to sit upright if they wish or is the seat semi reclined? Does the hood fit snuggly to keep out winter winds? Will it be large enough to offer shadow in winter. Don't assume the pushchair will fit, see it folded and try it in your boot. Have you some space left for shopping or will you need to unload everything to put the pushchair in each time? Out of your list I personally would choose the Strawberry or Uppababy Vista.

fairimum Fri 02-Sep-11 17:06:07

I would still have a separate one for dog walks, cant be doing with cleaning hte mud off each time jsut to get muddy again! although to be honest i had baby in a carrier until 6 monht for most dog walks - a close baby carrier to start with, then a connecta carrier - which we still use with our 3 year old on our backs when she gets tired out on walks!

aswellasyou Fri 02-Sep-11 21:36:06

The ones you've listed are the ones I'd be looking at if I had the money-you have good taste! wink I think I'd choose the Xari, but it would be a difficult decision. smile

justnodandsmile Sat 03-Sep-11 11:51:35

Thanks for your opinions everyone; we have found a stockist about an hour away that has the Joolz, Jane and Uppababy on the shop floor so we are off to look at them on Friday grin the xari is still very much in the running but I think I'm going to have to discount the icandy as they are now saying the strawberry will be released 'by the end of 2011' and by the time they fulfill their pre orders we could be looking at not being able to get hold of one until Feb, which is just too late for us. sad

MonkeysPunk Sat 03-Sep-11 12:27:15

I would choose the uppababy vista for being user friendly, carry cot suitable for overnight sleeping. You can buy a stand for the carrycot which you can keep by your bed or downstairs in the house. Once your baby has outgrown the organically lined carrycot the stand will 'onvert to a laundry hamper.
You could add a toddler seat to the vista later to convert it into a tandem if you expand your family.
The main toddler seat on the vista is bigger than most other buggies lasting up to age 4/5 if needed!
The seat on the vista is nice and high keeping baby out of reach of dogs.
The basket under the vista is huge and v strong. Excellent for a large change bag and all your shopping!
The chassis is beautifully designed and engineered to make really light work of a heavy load. Manouverability is superb.
The wheels all have top quality sealed ball bearing units in them and good quality foam filled rubber exterior no puncture tyres. A light push is all that is needed even when loaded to the max with 3y old and huge change bag plus 4 carrier bags of groceries!
With main seat on ff it folds quickly and easily in one piece. its very compact folded, see uppababy website for details. Saving valuable bootspace.
Suitable for almost all terrains without the need for seperate "snow or terrain" wheels.
In my opinion this pushchair totally rocks, offering awesome comfort to baby and is fantastically easy to use and a very practical choice for parents with its huge basket, excellent manouverability and suitability for most terrains, and compact space saving one piece fold.

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