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BJCS with 2 carrycots?

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claireinmodena Thu 01-Sep-11 11:11:09

Sorry if this has been done already, but haven't found much info.

Despite my preference for side by side buggys, I now find myself looking at this as it does seem to fir most of my criteria, but before I make up my mind I'd like to ask the "experts" for their opinion grin, as also it is not sold where I leave (Italy) and will have to buy it on line. A friend of mine has it but she has a toddler-baby combination, while I'll be having twins.

So mothers of twins have you used the 2 carrycots together? and can it be a longterm buggy? not something you want to get rid as soon as they are 6 months?
All feedback greatly appreciated!


Tiggywunkle Thu 01-Sep-11 11:40:55

You can certainly put two carrycots onto the City Select. It should certainly be fab for you until maybe the twins are 18 months plus but it will slowly get heavier. Why not you have a play with your friends. It won't be much different having twins on board to be honest. It's a fantastic pushchair. The weight distribution is my main issue so don't be surprised if you swap it later on - most twin mummies I know had one pushchair when their children are babies and swap later on. If you want something with greater longevity then I suggest the new Peach Blossom that is probably due here at the start of next year or the Britax B-Dual or the iCandy Pear. Have a look at for more information and photos. But the City Select has great resale value so you could easily resell it and get a toddler twin pushchair later.

claireinmodena Thu 01-Sep-11 12:03:05

Thanks again, I ahve had a look at the website, the peach blossom looks great but the babies are due in february, and considering I would ahve to order from abroad, don't think it's realistic to wait for that.

For some reason I am not convinced by the britax one...

I will definitely try out my friends city select... this pushcair business is a nightmare!!!

Tiggywunkle Thu 01-Sep-11 12:14:09

Lol it certainly is!

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