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Instructions / Manuals aka how many freaking ways can I fold this thing?

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MareMeva Wed 31-Aug-11 20:55:56

Has anyone got instructions for a Britax Urban Roller and matching car seat? I have just bought a lovely bright blue and yellow Britax Urban Roller from a charity shop where it was supposedly donated brand new. It certainly looks as if it has never been used. However, Britax customer services tells me via email that "Unfortunately due to the length of time we have not produced this product, we are unable to provide you with the instructions." Supposedly the matching car seat also fits on the base of the pushchair but in my current unbendy late pregnant state trial and error is not really an option. I cannot make heads or tails of it. If anyone has owned one of these and can tell me where I can get ahold of a copy of instructions or a scan of the same I would be most appreciative. You can get online instructions for every Singer sewing machine made in the last 100 years so I was surprised that I couldn't find them for something made this decade.

TruthSweet Wed 31-Aug-11 22:27:56

I hate to say it but if the car seat is as old as I think it is (circa 2000) it won't be safe to use 'brand new' or not due to plastic degradation. Obviously if you are just using it as a handy seat to take to family/friends houses then it's fine but I wouldn't trust it in a car.

It should have the date of manufacture stamped on the plastic shell of the seat (either a grid with 'pips' with the last 'pip' denoting the year/month of manufacture or a series of 'clock' face dials). If it is older than 6 years there is no guarantee it would work in an accident.

Also if you don't have the instructions for the pram do you have the instructions for the car seat? If not, and as Britax don't have a copy due to the age of the items, you would never know if you had installed it correctly. You can get good quality infant car seats from ~£30 (hauck/nania/babyweaver type) they won't be the most delux car seat ever but they will be safe smile

Hope you find a copy of the instructions to the pram soon.

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