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Help & Advice Needed - Information Overload on Pushchairs/Travel Systems etc

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LWebby Tue 30-Aug-11 18:03:50

Hello All.
I would really welcome some advice on choosing a pushchair - I've read the reviews, spoke to people and I keep getting conflicting advice.

I live in a flat - two flights of stairs with no lift - so this is a major consideration. I tend to do quite a bit of walking but will also use the car quite a bit too - (have a Golf). I was thinking about a system so I could just lift the baby out and bring upstairs without removing from pram. Clearly this is my first pregnancy but I'm quite astonished that it's so complicated! My friend has a Bugaboo Chameleon that I could buy from her but am concerned this is too big and have looked at a MacLaren but not sure. I'm lucky in that budget is not too much of a concern but also don't want to waste money.

Need some practical advice from someone who's been there. Thanks a million.

FriggFRIGG Tue 30-Aug-11 18:17:15

well,you could get a bugaboo bee,and lift out the cocoon,to carry the baby upstairs with you,or the bee is possibly light enough to carry up in the other hand...

the BABY JOGGER CITY MINI would be good to do the same thing with,but its fold ís amazingly quick and simple,so might make life easier...

are you comfortable leaving such an expensive bit of kit down stairs?

pramsgalore Tue 30-Aug-11 18:18:42

do you need to carry pushchair up the stairs or will you be leaving it down stairs, if you are carrying it up stairs with baby in arm or carrycot then you need something light weight like a babyjogger city mini 4 wheel version or the britax b agile due out in sept as both of these are light to carry and easy and small to fold, if you are leaving down stairs then the sky's the limit [as long as you try it in your car first most baby shops will let you do this

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