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oyster whats it like

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pramsgalore Mon 29-Aug-11 13:55:44

have been looking around internet and the oyster has caught my eye, with all the lovely colour packs, i know the wheels buckle a little going down kerbs, is this a major problem, what are they like to push, do they feel sturdy, does the black frame mark easy, are the seats a good size, many thanks

saoirse86 Mon 29-Aug-11 20:56:14

I have one and I do really like it but there are those niggles.

I bought mine new 7 months ago and don't use it loads but already it's creaking/squeaking and the wheels seem to be buckling more now than they used to.

I get mine in and out of my very messy car a lot and it has got quite a few scratches on the black chassis. I don't think they're that bad though.

The seat's a pretty good size IMO, but then my DD is only 11 months. I don't know how an older child would cope with the hood as it comes down so far over them.

I've just got some air tyres for it and they've made it a lot better to push, I'd definitely recommend them, but it's not as easy as my sister's Gecko. I think her having that has made me realise how easy a pushchair can be to push! confused

pramsgalore Mon 29-Aug-11 21:12:29

thanks, i was watching one on ebay, but don't think i will bother now as i am sure from what you have said i will hate it, i was considering a bee again, but they still seem to have problems, used to have a cam but sold it, mainly because ds used to put the brake on all the time. i want something smallish that i can colour change and that has 4 wheels, is there such a thing other than bugaboo.

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