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First timer - can you offer pushchair advice?

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ghosteditor Sat 20-Aug-11 15:32:14

Hi ladies,

I'm almost twenty weeks with my first DC and am struggling even to narrow down the list of pushchairs I'd like to consider. DH works away a lot so we're hoping to make a trip soon to try out a few pushchairs, and before we do that I'd like to have a short list and an idea of available prices.

Could you help?

So far I've come across the following, which I like the look of:
- Bugaboo Bee
- Maclaren XLR (I think)
- iCandy Peach
- Mutsy 4rider
- Out and About Nipper 360 single

I've read the MN reviews and visited a couple of shops, but wasn't convinced by the advice I was given in the shop (contradicted what I'd been told by several people) and mostly just stared at the prams and felt a bit hapless.

What we're looking for:
- Durability - I don't want to have to keep replacing it!
- Ruggedness - DH and I are outdoorsy and I expect to need to take the buggy across fields/car parks/off road/go running occasionally
- Adjustable handle - we're 10" different in height
- Fits in our VW Golf boot
- this is our first child but we'd love to have at least one more DC. Do I need to worry about that now?
- Safety and comfort for the child of course (assume most big brands have this as a given)
- I'd rather have a pushchair that will face backwards or forwards as needed
- I'd hope to be able to attach the car seat if needed but am unconvinced about how much this would happen.

Finally (if you're still with me!), I wouldn't mind spending a bit less on a pushchair suitable from birth and then buying an inexpensive off-roader - realistically, I know a lot of people have a pushchair with all the bells and whistles and then also buy a lighter and cheaper stroller to use too. I also don't mind purchasing second hand, but we could afford a new one and I know that some of the bigger brands, especially bugaboo, tend to sell second hand at about half RRP. We live in a small town and there's lots of paved walks nearby so day to day use would be wonky footpaths with a bit more adventurous stuff at the weekends.

So, any thoughts about the above suggestions, or any new suggestions? I tried to explain to the salesperson that while I know our lifestyle is an important factor, I also don't actually know what life with a child will be like so it's hard to prioritise certain features.


louby86 Sat 20-Aug-11 15:38:56


We bought the iCandy peach a few weeks ago on the back of reviews from people we know. We wanted a pushchair that we knew would last and would like to have to DCs close together and the peach has the option of becoming a double pram/pushchair with an adaptor kit, although not sure how much that costs.

John Lewis couldn't price match the offer we had from an independent iCandy stockist so we bought from the smaller shop. We spent £820 and got the carrycot, car seat adaptors, parasol, parasol clip and footmuff for that.

In terms of experience handling it, I know it fits in the back of a golf but haven't pushed it around or anything as expecting our first now. Friends say how easy it is though, I see then round town quite a lot too and have never seen anyone struggling. Hope this helps a bit!

ghosteditor Sat 20-Aug-11 15:46:52

Thanks louby - all good advice and good to hear. Do you plan to use it offroad much? Hope all goes well with the arrival of your little one smile

Tiggywunkle Sat 20-Aug-11 16:15:58

I have the new Peach Blossom which we use as a single or double. It's fab and I love it. However have you looked at the Peach jogger which appears to give you all the luxury of the pushchair seat but on three wheels which would be more suited or offroading for you. However you can't convert the Jogger into a double later.
Have you looked at the Baby Jogger Elite? Have you seen the new Nipper with adjustable handle and the ability to take a car seat. I don't know how good the Bee is on rough ground. The Chameleon would be better really. I can't comment on the other pushchairs.

suzie38 Sat 20-Aug-11 16:20:54

Bee Plus is purely an urban pushchair...It can manage grass but that's about all...I used a Bugaboo Frog when DD was tiny and that struggled in a wooded area near my house...You can buy all terrain wheels as an optional extra for the Cameleon...The Bugaboo Donkey has 4 large wheels and can convert to a double pushchair if needed.

louby86 Sat 20-Aug-11 16:22:18

We asked about using it offroad as we'd heard the apple was more durable but went for the peach because we didn't want the hassle of having punctures and the apple was quite a bit heavier and took up a lot more room in the back of my car. Someone told us just to lock the front wheels if we wanted to use it on rough ground and that it would be fine. I suppose the selling point for us is being able to convert it into the peach blossom for two so (hopefully) it'll be the only pushchair we'll ever need to buy!

Hope everything goes well with your little one and your pushchair search!

ghosteditor Sat 20-Aug-11 16:25:56

Thanks Tiggy! The Peach Jogger looks promising (and the link is v helpful too). I do like the look of the nipper too.

I think I'm just struggling with the idea of the prices really, but that wouldn't be a problem if I was sure that whatever I'd chose would be ok. I think I need to scope out what people in my hockey club are using...

ghosteditor Sat 20-Aug-11 16:31:52

thanks suzie - not sure I can really afford the donkey but I'll take a look at one next time I'm out! I'd heard that about the Bee but just desperately wanted it to do what I need, as it's so small and lightweight.

louby it's funny really - I know I should think more long term and consider a double, but it's hard enough imagining one child! And I really have no idea when we would start planning for a second DC, even assuming that things happen quickly. It is a useful thing to know about the peach blossom though.

I keep looking at ebay, but the resale prices are pretty high, so I may as well buy a new one now and hope to make most of the difference back in resale one day (rather than buy second hand and not be able to resell due to age)

notcitrus Sat 20-Aug-11 16:44:26

Maclaren XT/XLR can go over smoothish grass but are a right pain if you go over rough grass more than once in a blue moon. On the other hand they are suitable from birth and excellent for going on buses/trains/in crowded shops/being lifted down steps.

For regular off-roading you want a large-wheeled buggy, and carry a pump and rubber patching kit with you at all times (had great problems when we went on holiday with a Maclaren 3-wheeler, and I've had women in tears accosting me in the street begging for help with their burst-tyred buggy - bike shops are wonderful!)

Personally I was surprised how little I cared about being able to see my baby's face in the buggy as I was usually expecting him to sleep in it and could just walk round or look over to see how he was.

ghosteditor Sat 20-Aug-11 20:54:47

Thanks notcitrus! hmm, shame about the maclarens...

I am still so confused. Will gave to pick something in the end though. DH is a keen cyclist so funnily enough there's usually a bike pump within reach!

mamadivazback Tue 23-Aug-11 12:32:12

Nipper 360 would be a good all rounder as it is lightweight, folds compactly and it is suitable form birth.

The only issue is that it does'nt rear face and as for the tyres you can get tyre slime which cushions them from the inside and prevents punctures.

Nipabout would also be good as it is sturdy, rear faces and can attach a maxi cosi if needed.

ghosteditor Tue 23-Aug-11 13:00:11

Thanks mamadiva - I hadn't heard about the Out and About strollers before I popped into the shop but the salesperson really seemed to rate them. And the price is certainly more attractive!

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