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Help - can't decide what to do with my buggies or buy new?

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codandchipstwice Mon 15-Aug-11 13:28:18

Right - as you have seen DS2 can now escape from Micralite. I thought it was my dream buggy but it's starting to annoy me a bit - find handles a bit awkward and keep bashing front wheels.

Mac techno I find really heavy with him in and again he escapes - triumph he is way too long for and he hates it (and I can't fit enough in basket)

urban detour is big for what is essentially pushed empty a lot of the time. DH takes him to nursery in buggy as it pressed for time, then I walk him home and often push empty bugyg. It's a good mile + walk up a big hill with bumpy pavement and will need to take v tall DS (17kg), 2 school bags and Dh bag. Pushed one handed is a bonus as is fitting on bus.

Shall I suck it with something I've got, or get rid of all and get BJCM? If so where's cheapest??

Thanks grin

Snackalot Tue 16-Aug-11 09:22:34

How old is he? It sounds like you haven't got too much longer to be putting up with the buggy dilemma? Maybe you can stick it out a while longer?

bunnynose Tue 16-Aug-11 09:56:20

Hi, personally I would sell the 4 you have and get a BJCM. It's so easy to push one handed both empty and with a heavy toddler in it. My lo is 2.9 years and we always take it with us even though she can walk a long way, as once she's tired their is no way I could carry her.

Tesco have only the crimson & black left for £218.95 but there is 25% with code TD-HGNM & Mothercare have the black one for £191.24 with 15% of using code ATNT (expires 21st Aug) so they both work out around £164. Even if you only use it for 6 months to a year they have a good resale value.

bunnynose Tue 16-Aug-11 09:58:23

Forgot to say the BJCM easily fits on a bus. I've had it on the little country mini buses and haven't been asked to fold it yet.

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