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Anyone got a Sit'n'Stand?

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MummyAbroad Sun 14-Aug-11 21:08:08

I have been pining over this Joovy Ultralight Sit and Stand (pushchair with built in buggy board and bench seat for toddler) or possibly this one, the newer but heavier Joovy Ergo.

However I live in Costa Rica and will have to get it shipped over from the states and wont be able to test it out, and if its no good shipping it back will cost a fortune.

I have read a ton of reviews online but am hungry for more knowledge. Anyone got a Sit'n'Stand type pram or a Joovy? Whats the quality of Joovy products like? Share your knowledge please!

MonkeysPunk Sun 14-Aug-11 21:19:44

I heard that although the ergo looks good, it is v heavy to push. I think the ultralite one is the nicer one to use.
I think there are reviews on both at

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Aug-11 21:53:05

Don't buy the Ergo...please, please don't!! It's really absolutely awful...heavy, very long with no way to steer one handed which made for an interesting push around a supermarket trying to buy things whilst praying I didn't run into another human being as I attempted to turn (rather drive diagonally) each corner. Awful! The Superlight is much much much better and I like it. I am about to sell mine.... but DD actually cried because she wanted to keep it and I wanted to keep it...but DH said some pushchairs had to go... sad

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Aug-11 21:54:29

Sorry Ultralight...I get confused with that and the Microlite lol! Just to add the Ergo looks amazing but it's the only pushchair that was reboxed instantly on my return!

MummyAbroad Sun 14-Aug-11 22:05:32

thanks ladies. Ergo is now scratched off the list, its heavier and therefore costlier to post anyway.

So does that mean you have the ultralight tiggy? I currently have a bugaboo chameleon, so I am used to a hard working "workhorse" type pram that will stand up to heavy use and lots of shopping trips. Is the ultralight this type of pram?

DS is three and I am due in November, and I have a maxi cosi car seat.

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Aug-11 22:27:39

Yes, I had both but now just have the ultralight. I think it will stand up to a lot of use - mine has only had a couple of runs. My negatives are that it looks a tad old fashioned with the square frame and it's a tad heavy to push...nothing like the Ergo..but it's not as light as some tandems. But it's not bad IYKWIM. The front seat is certainly better than the Ergo for an older baby. I couldn't put my baby in the front seat of the Ergo at 12 months but the Ultralight was fine...especially when he napped (not a huge recline unless the eldest stands up)...but he was fine.

MummyAbroad Sun 14-Aug-11 22:29:43

thanks tiggy <hovers over Amazon 'buy' button> grin

Tiggywunkle Sun 14-Aug-11 23:05:17

Lol, just remember it's no isn't smile

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