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Micralite fast fold, want one new....NOT a superlite

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mummyistheword Fri 12-Aug-11 17:39:30

I have searched far and wide, well quite far online but can't find a new fast fold anywhere, I prefer the aluminum colour chassis to the new black on the superlite, one shop, teeny tots had them as in stock but when I phoned they said none in warehouse and they are ringing micralite on monday for me, amazon has one but am wary in case same story and it's an old pic but I'd get sent the new model......hmmmmm any one know any aladdins cave of fast folds? I have a double nipper which I'm loving for one yr old and 3 yr old and can walk a lot of places and amenities from home so it's fab for dd1 wee rest occasionally and storage for days out worth kit for three of us and the stuff u acquire on route....but need lightweight for car boot quick trips etc as dd1 obviously walks then and it would be easier than always taking the double nipper walking buggy which I'd prefer to keep up in my hall, like tye one hand push and any terrain ability of milt, had one before, good prices too, will consider superlite if can't find one though,anyone help?? Xxx

mummyistheword Fri 12-Aug-11 17:49:43

Oops milt! Mean micralite. X

MonkeysPunk Fri 12-Aug-11 17:53:16

If you don't find the fast fold there's money off the superlite at mothercare today.

mummyistheword Fri 12-Aug-11 22:05:07

Thanyou monkeys, I'm still looking if anyone can help but also off to check out mothercare, the chassis on the new ones looks thinner metal tubing? Is that right or just how it looks in the black I wonder.

MonkeysPunk Fri 12-Aug-11 22:37:26

I've had both. I don't think the tubing is thinner. Just being black looks slimmer!
The seat recline is a bit more laid back on the newer model. I tried the seat liner but found it interfered with ease of folding so wouldn't bother with that if I were you.

mummyistheword Fri 12-Aug-11 23:13:21

Yes think your right, just the colour makes it look thinner!! Have had a look at the holly s. Baby gizmo review and it looked def more reclined than the fast fold ever went so that's good to hear from rl buggy won't be main buggy so not essential, she sleeps semi reclined for ages in comfort in nipper but if she did nod off in the superlite at least her head wouldn't get uncomfy or chin press on chest head forward slouchy thing they do in upright seats, have looked at the superlite footmuff online, looks funky although only seems come in black at moment, usually I choose greens and blues for my buggies! But obviously get splash of colour with hood..... I would want the footmuff though for winter and as a liner to protect seat, would have to put up with folding issues, have big car boot and storage in house so not usually deal breaker so far. Hmmmm, will see if this shop gets back to me with anything Monday, at least loads places got the superlite in stock anyway, mothercare deal good. Would still like the older colour chassis though! But the recline looks handy on the new model.could swing the choice I feel! Seems ace for the price and I know quality very very good, can't find another that does all this one does, it's those chunky rear tyres, so handy.

MonkeysPunk Sat 13-Aug-11 09:47:20

The superlite hood is better than the fastfold one. It's bigger, with sturdier rods and no side clips. It has a really cool spring in spring out feature....hard to explain, but fast, onehanded and simple. The all mesh seat is nice for hot days and the proper Micralite cosytoes is a good fit and properly weatherproof.
I think you should get the superlite while on offer at mothercare.wink
Try using code en84 and see if that gets you an extra 10%.
Or buy from kiddicare for faster delivery use code kiddi10 for an extra tenner off there.

irishqueen Sat 13-Aug-11 10:05:50

Its 145 free delivery at glasgow pram centre online

mamadivazback Sun 14-Aug-11 19:29:19

Superlite with free seat liner and sunshield/bug net £159.95.

codandchipstwice Mon 15-Aug-11 12:19:47

I too prefer the fastfold for various reasons and asked Micralite a while ago if any sitting around anywhere and they said they had none and were not aware of any retailers who had any left in stock as it was a while ago they were discontinued.

I got a decent second hand one from here, and I think asking around is your only bet



5inthebed Mon 15-Aug-11 12:21:21

Have you tried [ Kiiddicare]]?

5inthebed Mon 15-Aug-11 12:22:09

ack Kiddicare

mummyistheword Fri 19-Aug-11 14:59:29

Hello am getting a second hand fast fold, prefer new but if I like it as much as i think may get new superlite in due course! Meanwhile.....have huge change bag and tons storage on my walking pram aka the double nipper but what to do with the fast fold?! Hatencarrying bags while pushing buggy may as well put them on but nothing will hang from it?! Anyone ideas for a nice but slouchy squashy type one that would go in basket? Have eye on some lovely accs on happybags, just a separate travel change mat pouch thing and a double drinks holder, they match and would go in any bag or hang from either buggy......hmmmm all you pushchair experts? What do you do when you are using diff buggies withbsuch diff storage options? Do you swap bags?!

pramsgalore Fri 19-Aug-11 15:11:17

you can hang a bag as long as you have handlebars pointing a bit up, i have handle extenders and buggy weights on the front wheels, as was using the board, my parent organiser would not fit, but it did come with a little bag on the handlebars, i don't know what it was for but i used it to put bits and bobs in. oioi hobo bags are meant to be good, or any fabric beach type bag with a zip, monsoon have some lovely big fabric bags. i think a bagabottle bag would work well off the handlebars.

MonkeysPunk Thu 01-Sep-11 19:07:28 Hope it's not too late - just found this one while browsing - it's supposed to be in stock - you could always phone to check first.
It's the Micralite Fastfold.

aswellasyou Thu 01-Sep-11 20:05:15

I just found this one in black and it here in olive, red or black.

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