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Opinions on the Britax B-Smart 4?

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Macaroona Fri 12-Aug-11 14:33:04

I need a pram/pushchair for my pfb, due in December. I was originally looking at 2nd hand Bugaboos, however my mum has offered to buy the pram smile

She hasn't mentioned budget, but I'm not going to ask her for a Bugaboo or anything in that range, and I know she'll want to buy a new one.

My only requirements are that it can face both ways as a pram and a pushchair.

I love the 'purple rain' colour this one comes in, too! Kiddicare have a package with the pushchair, carrycot and carseat for £399.

Any experience of it or tips for alternatives in a similar price range?

Milkybrew Fri 12-Aug-11 20:38:50

I have the B Smart 3, I love it! The carrycot is spacious and my little one sleeps soundly in it so it must be comfortable. The seat and the carrycot clip so easily on and off the chassis. The hood on the seat unit is huge so keeps the sun off baby without need for a parasol. Basket is huge. Lovely and light to push too. Only negative I can think off is it is slightly bulky in the boot of the car! The purple rain version looks really nice! I bought mine from boots, they had a really good deal on and I got about 30 pounds of advantage card points too! For the price I can't fault it really!

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