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BJCM (4 wheel) Maxi Cosi Elea or the Britax B-Agile? Help!

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sabas Fri 12-Aug-11 01:12:28

I thought I'd made my mind up on the BJCM 4 wheeled version but now another 2 buggies have come to my attention!

There are 2 things missing from the BJCM that I would have liked on a new pram, parent facing (as well as forward) and an adjustable handle. I know the Elea can parent face but does anyone have any experience of any of these prams to comment on whether I should choose Elea over the BJCM for this one feature? And to add to my confusion, the Britax seems to be v similar to BJCM, is it any BETTER?

I want this new pram to last till DS can walk on all outings, so size of seat and one piece fold are probably my most important requirements.

Pushchair experts please help! Do I really need parent facing for 9M old DS, esp considering this new purchase is a second pram for use when in the car and by GPs and my ICandy Peach already has these features and will likely be used for all longer walks? confused

Tiggywunkle Fri 12-Aug-11 02:45:32

I have just posted this link on the thread below about the BJCM4 and B-Agile. As I understand the B-Agile is a bit more padded but the BJCM is still better. But I haven't seen the B-Agile. The B-Agile is a 2 step but still one handed fold, very similar to the BJCM one.
I can't comment on the Elea at all.
I have to be honest and say parent facing has never bothered me. Like you, I have a Peach or BJCS if I really want parent facing but my 12 month old is asleep within 5 mins of leaving the house and TBH both children see me all day long and for me its nice to have a walk in relative peace lolol My eldest doesn't like rear facing now and if she has to be rear facing her head is permanently turned facing forwards. I think also when you get to baby No 2, you realise there are compromises to be made to get both children on a pushchair together so you often have no choice!!

sabas Fri 12-Aug-11 19:20:22

Tiggy thanks for the link, v useful to compare BJCM and B-Agile side by side like this and thanks also for sharing your view on which is the better one, I think I agree BJCM has the edge smile

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