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buggyjo Thu 11-Aug-11 11:48:17

im a lurker and cant rember who had the noa?was it you?if so would you recomend it over the zapp,im "allowed"my last ever buggy and in a pickle what to get!!,lol

aswellasyou Thu 11-Aug-11 12:06:29

Tiggy loves her Noa! I think the Zapp's not great personally-the lack of recline, being very diffcult to open and close, doesn't hold itself closed so it's hard to carry, wheels are rickety. The Noa fixes all those problems while still being really compact.
Tiggy can answer the question now!wink

Tiggywunkle Thu 11-Aug-11 12:15:07

Yes it was....definitely I much prefer the Noa. The Noa looks odd and even having tried it previously I wasn't too fussed about buying one. But because of Best Buggy, I thought I would review it, and it's been quite brilliant.
The Zapp is more sturdy as in the frame feels solid. But it's a piglet to open up - especially when new (my old version was easier, my new one was so stiff it hurt my arms even after trying to lubricate it repeatedly), but it's still an awkward open even when easy! There is no recline on the seat, the Noa has a good recline. The hoods are similar - both not great but the Noa fits marginally better and I think is deeper but have a look at the photos. The Noa open and fold has a couple of easy peasy steps but can be opened one handed easily....and shuts just as easily. The handles are a tad higher on the Noa and it's a comfy two or even one handed push. There is a decent basket on the Noa - but like the Zapp it's an odd shape but you didn't used to get a Zapp basket included and it may well still be an extra - but at least you get one with the Noa! I like the footrest for my toddler - she doesn't tend to keep her feet on one, but she did the Noa, but it was equally comfy for the baby. Both looked very comfy in the seat, especially the toddler. It's like a lightweight buggy with small buggy wheels. My first issue when opening the Noa was that it feels a bit...hmm flexible ..which will be to do with the fold...and I worried about putting my almost 15kg toddler in a pushchair that at first seemed so flexible, but with her on board the Noa was great...honestly I was pretty gobsmacked. There s some bounce to the seat (suspension?) I think because of the < shape of the frame. But it was fab for rocking my baby to sleep in. I have to say it was easy to manoeuvre - we were zipping in and out of people in a busy shopping mall for fun. At one point over lunch we took our daughter out but forgot about the heavy bag on the back and the Noa didn't tip!!! We were amazed. There s also the pull along andle which seems gimmicky (i never used the one we had on the Takeoff) but we did actually use the Noa one, because similar to the promotional pictures, DD wanted to walk mbut we needed the pushchir later on, so we pulled it behind us. The only downside for us is that you can't attach a Maxi Cosi car seat which is what we used the Zapp a lot for. All round for us, there is no question that the Noa is far better. Sorry..that's a bit of an essay but I hope it helps.

Tiggywunkle Thu 11-Aug-11 12:17:02

Excuse typos...I am feeding and typing one handed on a non responsive iPad!

buggyjo Thu 11-Aug-11 19:06:25

thank you so much for your reply,seems the noa is the one to go for,again many thanks

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