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Phil n teds help

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Nicplus1and1baking Wed 10-Aug-11 17:48:14

Hi can anyone tell me if the e3 model will be any good for a newborn and a toddler at 2.6 who is quite tall?

I dont really know much about them but my sil says on one of the models the hood doesnt cover the toddler when the 2nd seat is on the top


pramsgalore Wed 10-Aug-11 17:58:43

i have had both but all my kids are short, i never noticed a difference in height though, i know the e3 is slightly longer had my sport and e3 side by side, the part where you lay the baby seemed longer on the e3, but not by alot, i sold my e3 to someone who had a tall toddler and the hood did not fit over her head, but she was big. go to mothercare and try a sport, the vibe has a taller hood but don't get an old one they have loads of issues, i have to say there are better tandems out now that are like the p&t, like the britax b-dual, if i was getting a double now i would not get a p&t it was the best out when i needed one but not now

groak Wed 10-Aug-11 18:05:47

Be warned, we had a sport and when the doubles seat is on the front for new born to be underneathm, then the hood isn't veryu big, BUT also, if child sat at front is not very tall, because the seat doesn't have a 'frame' as such, when they are sat in the seat they are almost starting to slide forward, and if their feet don't reach the little flat bit in just above the front wheel, then they are held up by the strap that goes between their legs as part of the 5 point harnes fastening thingy. Does that make sense? Admittedly the strap is wide so it doesn't look too awful but it wasn't a very comfortable seat for our poor dd!

Would strongly suggest at looking at other prams as I found loads of little fauklts or poorly thought out design bits with phil & teds, if you really want one i'd say buy second hand simply because you're not wasting as much money (not a sales pitch, we flogged ours!)

groak Wed 10-Aug-11 18:07:40

If the toddler is walking i'd say get a buggy board! The p&t was obsolete by time dd was about 3 or just over, and we were using this huge pram for one dc when it was much easier to stick dc2 in buggy!

Hevster Wed 10-Aug-11 21:10:54

my toddler was too tall at 2.3 for the front seat with the hood up on my E3, I sold it, purchased several different side by side doubles and when LO could sit up at 5 months I got a cheap P&T sport as I hated being a "wide load" but I do walk up to 10 miles a day and a buggy board was not an option.
definately try one out as I don't think DD1 was unusally large

Tiggywunkle Wed 10-Aug-11 21:14:39

I agree with the others - there are better thought out pushchairs out there for two.

cara2244 Fri 12-Aug-11 21:06:27

hevster is the P+T good for long walks? I have a 2yo who will only walk shortish distances and I like to do a lot of walking. So a buggy board isn't much use, as I've discovered. I recently had a baby so our old mountain buggy terrain isn't really cutting it now!

Hevster Fri 12-Aug-11 21:44:00

cara2244 i find P&T fine for long distance, I walk loads and although there are better doubles out there it suits me and DD2 loves the back seat (mine are 3.10 and 10 months and DD1 does walk a lot but not half as much as I do!)

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