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Another double pushchair thread!!

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saoirse86 Tue 09-Aug-11 11:59:15

So my sister and I have been searching for ages for the perfect double pushchair to meet as many of our requirements as possible. We first had a maclaren twin traveller but it was very difficult to get in our mum's boot and our DD's seemed to hate it. Next was a Jane Powertwin which was ok except the front seat doesn't recline enough to get them off to sleep easily and the seats are so close together that the front child was always being kicked. Now we have a kolcraft contours but it's so long and reall really heavy.

So this is what we want/need:

to be less than 20kg and easy-ish to push
to have a decent recline on both seats (DD & DN are both 10.5 months)
to be side by side or be designed so they can't kick each other
to be small when folded - our mum's boot is very narrow and is a hatch back so has an unhelful slope (we don't mind a bit of dismantling and taking of wheels to get it in)
to feel stable
to be less than £250 a the absolute maximum but preferably £150-200 (new or s/hand)

to have seats that can face either way
to look good!
have air tyres or at least be comfy on slightly rough terrain

I can't think of anything else at the moment.

saoirse86 Tue 09-Aug-11 12:00:51

so many spelling mistakes! blush

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Aug-11 12:22:00

I think we discounted the BJCMD and Nipper on size? The M&P Aria is a similar size folded. I would point you next towards something like the Combi We2 or suggest you try different umbrella fold pushchairs to find one your children sit comfortably in given an umbrella fold fits in your mums car.

pramsgalore Tue 09-Aug-11 12:37:54

aria are not great to push with any weight in them, but do fold very small for a double side by side and are very light to carry, def worth a try as i think your babies are close in age, when you fold them the handle folds down into it so they really are compact just can not remember how wide, it was a few years ago since i had one, did keep it for a while. my age gap was 16 months between the two i used it for. they go cheap on ebay as well.

pramsgalore Tue 09-Aug-11 12:40:29

not great on rough terrain little wheels and ff though

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Aug-11 12:50:33

Did you look at the Hauck Duett BTW?

pramsgalore Tue 09-Aug-11 12:52:32

is this any good, never had one myself, but they look good

pramsgalore Tue 09-Aug-11 12:52:48

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Aug-11 13:13:43

Great value - but they aren't that small folded. Have a look at the dimensions plus the seats are bulky. But it is definitely worth a look at that price.

saoirse86 Tue 09-Aug-11 17:36:15

We just looked on the iCandy website and it might just work. We'd really need to try it though first. Has anyone had them and what do you think?

We just don't like the Aria, they're just so awful to push. I'd rather go for a basic umbrella fold.

We have looked at the Hauck Duett but I'm not sure about the room between the seats, and they're still too expensive for us.

aswellasyou Tue 09-Aug-11 17:54:23

I know Saoirse says our budget is £150-£250 but I'm thinking of raiding my daughter's money box (actually not joking!grin) if there's something more expensive, but only if it's really good and has a good resale price.

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Aug-11 19:20:21

There's lots of room between the Duett seats - more than there looks. It's a fab pushchair. I have had the Pear. Its great to push on the road but heavy in small spaces eg shops. I found the front wheels on mine were a nightmare if you stopped say in a shop at an angle and then tried to go again. The seats are great. The hoods are shallow. The recline is hard. Both my children got legs/feet stuck - one between the seats when reclined and the other in the pip convertor. The fold is relatively large and the seats are bulky. There is almost no use of the basket. For me it was good to push but it's not the best or easiest tandem. The sticking front wheels drove me mad!!!!! Really mad!!!! But at the price it's worth trying out. You may love it. It's certainly neat open and looks great.

FlyMeToDunoon Tue 09-Aug-11 19:41:44

Bebecar vector? No knowledge but looks like it could fit the bill. There is ared one finishing on eBay soon

saoirse86 Tue 09-Aug-11 22:04:02

We nearly went to look at that vector today as it was only a couple of miles away but we just didn't feel like it was the one. Especially as we'd had the conversation beforehand about maybe spending a bit more.

Tiggy - The problem I could forsee with the Duett is the folded length. It's 102cm long which may be an issue. But how does it push? And can you have both seats rear facing?

The other one we've seen is the Baby jogger city classic. Does anyone know what it's like?

At this rate aswell will actually be raiding the piggy bank to get a city select!

aswellasyou Tue 09-Aug-11 22:27:20

I found a new Select with second seat in the USA for £330+shipping but they won't send it to the UK!sad I'm still not all that keen on the Duett-I'd need to see it in real life first. We decided that the babies don't need birthday presents if I buy an expensive pushchair. Actually, mine won't be having a present anyway, I'm giving her birthday present money to Save the Children!grin

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Aug-11 22:27:45

The Duett pushes great and in theory you can turn the top seat parent facing, but in reality it doesnt work well. One of my friends has the Baby Jogger City Classic and it's very like the Elite, which is bigger folded than the City Mini. Get the piggy bank know you want to wink

aswellasyou Tue 09-Aug-11 22:53:31

I do want to but that's still only £400. I've found a way of getting it for about £485 new but it just seems like such a lot of money!shock Tiggy, are there any issues with it for us do you think?

5inthebed Tue 09-Aug-11 23:02:19

Have you looked here?Loads of doubles there, and most of them have photos of all different angles.

aswellasyou Tue 09-Aug-11 23:12:31

grin Yes, I don't think Tiggy would let us not look!wink I think we just feel like we've been through every option but not got anywhere!

Tiggywunkle Tue 09-Aug-11 23:40:36

grin Good website 5inthebed grin

I honestly think you have looked through every option....honestly...I have been Googling all day and looking all day and I dont think you will find anything better without something really obscure coming out.

I love my City Select - and I think it will serve you well for maybe a year. Just remember that it is hard to get up kerbs or steps but its amazing where you can find dropped kerbs!! I think beyond that you will find it heavy to push plus your children may start to pull each others feet or kick when facing each other (I had to stop using face to face at that point). But it will give you a years good use (at least) and then you can have a rethink.

BUT it is a very good pushchair - great seating positions (but only some allow a recline so think ahead - parent facing and facing each other both do), a large basket, small fold, good hoods, easy recline, fab handbrake and much more.....

The BJCS is holding its value well - they are going for around £400-450 second hand so £485 new is brilliant. You may even make a profit if prices go up (that happened with my Bugaboo). If you don't like it you can resell it for the same money on Ebay on a BIN.

Just remember the weight of the pushchair is almost all in the chassis. It's a heavy but easy to carry lump. The seats are light and wafer thin.

I think you guys should really just go for it. But just remember there really is nothing better that I can think of that meets your if you don't like it, I dont know anything else that you would like....

Have you had a good play with one???? Go to John Lewis or another shop and have a REALLY GOOD PLAY!!!!

mamadivazback Wed 10-Aug-11 08:53:51

I'd go for the Baby Jogger Classic, it'll last until you don't need another.

The Select would be fine short term but a hell of a lot of money to spend for the sake of a maybe a year.

aswellasyou Wed 10-Aug-11 10:11:47

The Select really does fit all our criteria although I'm now worried about the issues going up and down kerbs and that you think it will only last them until they're less than 2. If they didn't fit for much more than another year then there's no point in getting it seen as I'll be 100 miles away for most of that time!confused
The Classic would have to have all the wheels removed and have the parcel shelf put somewhere to fit it in. But it's half the price and will last forever.
Why is it never clear cut?!

aswellasyou Wed 10-Aug-11 10:12:54

We will be going to JL to have a look at some point-I don't know when though.

saoirse86 Wed 10-Aug-11 11:29:59

But if anyone sees a city select for £200... hmm grin

Tiggywunkle Wed 10-Aug-11 11:46:26

Ok, the City Select in theory should last until age 4/5 weight and height wise (according to US stats. The seats are plenty big enough. But it is the weight of the children that eventually got us plus a slight...and it is slight camber on one small stretch of pavement. It make the inside of one arm (the one pulling the pushchair back in line) hurt so much that after a couple more trips I had to stop using it. My children were at that point 2 and a half and 9 monthish. We still use it when we go to shopping centres and on outings were we need loads of storage space and we know it will be flat. I personally didn't have an issue with kerbs because I simply used the dropped kerbs that we have. But yes kerbs are an issue, but if you think ahead and push down hard on the handle you get up them. These are really my only issues with the BJCS because otherwise it's pretty perfect. But this is why I am on my current 'mission' to find what will work for us from this age onwards for another year. I have to say the new iCandy Peach Blossom is near perfect. I think it really is hard to beat for all round birth to three usefulness but that won't help you right now. The B-Dual and Hauck Duett are both very good for two older babies. If you dont encounter kerbs or cambers then you will have no issue with the City Select and it will be perfect until your children are walking holding hands smile

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