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Has anyone used a buggy board on an M & P Sola?

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bluemousemummy Mon 08-Aug-11 20:55:41

Feel like am beginning to go mad! Trying to decide between Sola and Oyster. confused

I had rejected the Sola because a) the carrycot is smaller, and b) the Lascal buggy board website only rates it as a 5 out of 10 used with a buggy board, whereas it gives the Oyster a 10. It also works out more expensive than the Oyster.

Would be interested to know if anyone else has used a buggy board with the Sola and how they found it, as this might help me make a decision! Ds2 will be nearly 3 when the baby arrives but is VERY lazy and I will definitely need a buggy board for my sanity!

Had pretty much settled on an Oyster, but then read some bad comments about the front wheels locking/bending, which has put me off a bit, as I had a different brand of buggy a few years ago which did this and it is terrifying when it happens and you are crossing the road!

Any advice??????

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