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Do I need a sheepskin liner for a bugaboo bee + if I have a cocoon?

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rosalux Mon 08-Aug-11 16:12:03

Just that really. I saw one today and it looked very cosy, but I already have a cocoon (EDD 20 August) so I imagine baby will be in that until Christmas at least. I was then planning on a footmuff, so is a sheepskin liner something I need to think about at all? I've read that people use them in the summer, is this right (seems like it would be so hot for baby)?

downpipe Mon 08-Aug-11 22:26:34

I've got the bee and DS1 was an August baby,I think you will be fine with just the cocoon through the winter, with baby in a snow suit when it's really cold.I used the cosy toes when DS1 grew out of the cocoon(at least 6 months) and then from May onwards did not have any kind of sleeping bag thing on at all

MonkeysPunk Tue 09-Aug-11 10:13:27

Sheepskin liners keep your baby cooler. They wick away moisture keeping your baby more comfortable (evaporating sweat away). Sheepskins are naturally antibacterial so hygenic too.
In special care baby units it has been noted that babies kept on sheepskins gain weight better and thrive better compared to those not on sheepskins.
I've used them for my babies and they really enjoy the feel of sheepskins.
Currently mothercare have the Bowron sheepskins on buy one get one half price. Use code en84 to get an extra 10% off.
I like this brand because of their superior quality and they are easy to fit with any harness.
If you have two you can put one in the carseat also, or go halves on the deal with a friend.

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