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Cheap-ish, one-handle pushchair for 2yo?!

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NinaHagen Sat 06-Aug-11 12:45:39


I currently have a Loola Up for DD and really liked it, but now she's 2 (and about 14kg) her head is touching the hood and it's all getting too heavy and cumbersome to push around everyday.

I don't drive, so there's a lot of hopping up/down pavements, getting on the bus, narrow pavements, and holding DD's hand when she decides to walk.

On top of this, the hood on our Loola Up has broken (one of the buttons to click it into place), and new hoods are really expensive even on eBay.

So Ive been looking for a new pushchair. I'd ideally like one which folds fairly small (Loola might be unbeatable in this respect), is quite light, 4 wheels might be more stable when going up and down pavements (?), and most importantly has one big handle (rather than 2 like most standard buggies iykwim) and is big enough for a tall toddler.

I wasn't really planning on buying another pushchair (Loola Up is supposedly fine until 4th. Pah!) so it would have to be fine for a 3yo until she won't need it anymore.

Help please!

(I know the BJCM is usually recommended, but it seems quite wide.)

Tiggywunkle Sat 06-Aug-11 15:24:16

I think whatever you buy you have to bear in mind that pushchairs in the UK only have to be tested to 15kgs although some are tested in other countries to higher weights. I think the Baby Jogger City Mini for this reason is one I would recommend because it will definitely hold a larger heavier child. We have two narrow pushchairs but the Maxi Cosi Noa is brilliant for an older child. But it has two handlebars and it comfortably took my heading for three year old and a heavy bag. But it would be fab for bus hopping with it's one handed fold (as the City Mini has too). I have a Babyhome Emotion Xtreet too which is more sturdy but my toddler sits better in the Noa and the Babyhome is more expensive. But it does have one handle and folds small. The Britax B-Agile is due in the UK soon too. It's similar to the City Mini.

Tiggywunkle Sat 06-Aug-11 15:26:57

BTW a quick look seems to indicate that the BJCM and Loola are the same width at 61cms wide.

saoirse86 Sat 06-Aug-11 20:42:01

Maybe consider a Britax B-Mobile if it's the 4 wheel version it should cope well with pavements. The only thing is, like Tiggy said, it's only tested to 15kg so that's a call you'd have to make.

saoirse86 Sat 06-Aug-11 20:43:26

Forgot to say it's 62cm wide and weighs 8kg.

NinaHagen Sat 06-Aug-11 22:52:28

Thanks for those! Quite like the look of the Britax B-Mobile and the BJCM.

Thing is, is it really worth buying a new (or new-secondhand) pushchair for a 2.5yo? I think it would be handy most of the time. How difficult is it to push a 2-handle buggy one handed? confused

aswellasyou Sat 06-Aug-11 23:12:14

I find it difficult to push a double handled stroller single handed most of the time. I find myself straining my hand to keep the pushchair in a straight line. I've got a B-Mobile sitting here but it's in the box still so I can't tell you what it's like! The BJCMs have really good resale value so you'd be likely to get your money back on one of those.

NinaHagen Sun 07-Aug-11 07:25:42

Aah, that's what I thought. I do quite a bit of one-handed walking, so that would get annoying.

What about the Nipper 360? Is it huge? Found one on eBay and it looks really comfy.

MonkeysPunk Sun 07-Aug-11 07:49:21

If you mostly don't have to fold on the buses then the nipper 360 might be a good choice. My 3y old really loves his, it is comfy, and easy for him to climb into himself without help.
It is also extremely lightweight, at 7kg, and very easy to push and manouver, even with 3y old in seat, huge changebag on handlebar (i love my oioi hobo sack!) And lots of shopping.
The nipper 360 is the most stable and least tippable all terrain buggy I've ever tried. Ive tried a lot of brands too! It's quite amazing because its so lightweight I thought it'd be tippy when you hang stuff on the handlebar but it isn't!
Also, its not stupidly big like some all terrain buggies are, so its also handy in town, on trains, and probably on the bus too! You'll have the advantage of being able to go offroad easily and also it will be good in snow too.

NinaHagen Sun 07-Aug-11 07:57:35

Ooh, thank you. So it's not really massively huge? You really think it would be fine on the bus? I don't want to take up so much room that a second pushchair can't get on. But it would be great if DD could climb in it herself.

bunnynose Sun 07-Aug-11 09:23:37

Personally, I find 2 handled buggies very difficult to push one handed as they seem to veer off all over the place. I didn't realise how much effort it took to keep them straight until I bought the Baby Jogger City Mini. I can push my almost 16kg 2.9 year old one handed in the Baby Jogger. I have taken it on the bus quite a bit, even the little country buses and haven't been asked to fold it.

The only thing I found going from 4 wheels to 3 was getting used to going up kerbs, as you are balancing the weight on 1 wheel not 2. It didn't take long though. There's always the option of the 4 wheel Baby Jogger or the Britax B-Agile though (I sure others have already mentioned these!)

As for buying a new pushchair for a 2.5 year old, then I would (and have done!) as we can be out all day walking miles and although my lo can walk for a long time, once she is tired there is no way I could carry her. I expect to use the buggy for at least another year, and maybe even the winter she turns 4. If you do a lot of walking then you can't expect their little legs to keep going all day. It's only a form of transport after all!

MonkeysPunk Sun 07-Aug-11 09:49:10

I've bought my nipper recently (tesco sale) for my already 3y old. It's been fab for whole day outings to the seaside etc using trains. It's a mile to our station for a start (and the same home again). Then there's the picnic, buckets and spades, change bag, drinks etc.
The nipper squidges into tight places quite neatly, due to the shaped footrest etc. I think its similar in size to the city mini, but doesn't have such an easy fold, although folding doesn't take so long really.
The nipper performs better than the city mini. Gotta love those air tyres. Also I think the nipper is lighter.

NinaHagen Sun 07-Aug-11 10:06:30

Thanks for that, that's really helpful! I wasn't sure if I was being unreasonable in thinking I needed a new pushchair, and not just the most basic £12 one. grin

Am watching a nipper, BJCM and Britax on eBay ATM. Will see what ends up being most affordable. Maclarens are the cheapest ones in my area, but I can foresee the handle problem getting really annoying.

bunnynose Sun 07-Aug-11 10:54:55

I forgot to say that the bigger the wheels of the buggy, the easier it is to push, especially with a heavy toddler. Air filled tyres like on the Nipper make it even easier to push and are great off road, the City Mini's wheels are kind of rubbery and larger than most umbrella strollers so a good alternative to air, but not great over rough ground like the Nipper. I've had 2 Maclarens (XT and Techno) and they have plastic wheels, the Quest has smaller ones which I find makes it quite hard to push. The plastic wheels are noisy across the pavements compared to rubber or air, which doesn't worry most people, but it annoys the hell out of me!

NinaHagen Sun 07-Aug-11 11:53:31

Good point about the wheels. I think that would annoy me quite a lot.

The Loola has rubbery wheels. The more pushchairs I look at, the more I think the Loola Up is still pretty perfect. Why does it have to be so flimsy!

mamadivazback Mon 08-Aug-11 13:42:25

I bought a BJCM for my DS who was 2.8YO and in size 3-4 clothing at the time because he was quite lazy and he had plenty of room left when he was 3.4YO.

It is'nt the easiest to push one handed though because the wheels are solid but I loved mine anyway and would have another one if I needed.

I have only used a twin nipper and hated it for various reasons, PITA to fold (worse than my Emmaljunga), handle way to low (I'm 5ft 3), far too lightweight so felt odd pushing it and the deal breaker - the seats are angled downwards to the back of the seat so kids are practically lying down constantly BUT it is easy to push one handed but personally I would'nt even look!

How about a Micralite Superlite?

MonkeysPunk Mon 08-Aug-11 13:48:05

I find the seatback on my nipper very upright (single not double) and handleheight is fine for me at 5 7 but the new model coming soon has solved these issues anyway.

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