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Phil and Ted on the tube

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Crumblemum Thu 04-Aug-11 19:59:58

Has anyone ever taken their phil and ted on an escalator (downt to the tube). It's for my friend - I'll be with her, so we an do the stairs, I just can't remember if they're safe enough of the tube escalator.


britishbulldog Thu 04-Aug-11 20:02:35

I DEFINITELY wouldn't, and if you do, you'll have to take the children out. Have one, live in London, wouldn't even consider it!

Crumblemum Thu 04-Aug-11 20:24:07

You see I had a phil and ted and can't remember what we did, but my husband thinks we did take it on the tube - I have my doubts!

britishbulldog Thu 04-Aug-11 20:54:37

I've never ever seen one on the tube... surely you would have walked/taken the bus??!

emsies Thu 04-Aug-11 21:02:06

Nope I wouldn't. Didn't even manage a "normal" pushchair as you can't go on the tube with child in them. Sling all the way...

emsies Thu 04-Aug-11 21:02:22

Meant to say escalator not tube. D'oh. Baby brain.

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