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I need your help.....

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LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Mon 01-Aug-11 13:16:32

So when I had dd I bought a maxi cosi car seat in pink (lily), thinking no problem if I have another and it's a boy I'll buy a replacement cover. Fast forward and I was made redundant and basically could do without spending all that money.

I have been looking on eBay without much sucess they seem to be adding up to about the same price when you add in postage and half the time you've still got to get the pads/head hugger seperate

so ideas please ladies do you know anywhere that does these at a fab price?

Thanks in advance.

HowNowKernow Mon 01-Aug-11 14:27:30

Could keep an eye on ebay listings in your area and see if any cabriofix seats come up. You could bin the seat and just wash the cover and head hugger?
For the cheapest look for badly listed ones ie. just listed as 'car seat' rather than as 'maxi cosi black cabriofix car seat' to find ones to bid on that won't have much competition?

HowNowKernow Mon 01-Aug-11 14:35:49

Have you got a local mumsnet or netmums site? You could advertise for a swap, someone with a blue/black cover might want to swap for a nice girly cover?

HowNowKernow Mon 01-Aug-11 14:48:05

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Mon 01-Aug-11 17:55:47

Thanks now how, think I've got carried away looking only at local ones on eBay.

Some fab ideas I hadn't tried thanks grin

aswellasyou Mon 01-Aug-11 20:48:42

If you sell your cover, you should make enough to buy a new cover-pink tends to sell really well. Or you could dye it? smile

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Mon 01-Aug-11 22:09:35

Will sell mine but would rather get one first just in case grin

fairimum Mon 01-Aug-11 23:17:56

I wanted to do the same and it ended up working out cheaper to sell our pink seat on ebay for £50ish and then got a fab deal on a new 'boy coloured' seat that was reduced (discontinued design cover) for £80!

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Mon 01-Aug-11 23:38:59

Now that's a good idea as well.

mamadivazback Tue 02-Aug-11 08:14:21

Have you considered that yoru DS won't give a toss and most people will think it's cute... have no idea why but my DS spent the first year of his life in a denim/pink check (blossom colourway) silver cross seat as my mum had twins 8 months before he was born and everyone used to say aww it's lovely seeing a boy in something other than bloody blue grin

If you don't have the money why waste it?

If you really do want to get has black ones for £40

the blue summer cover and bog standard harness pads?

Black covers

£25 Pick up only

£42 posted

LoveBeingAtHomeOnMyOwn Tue 02-Aug-11 21:43:32

Cheers mama. I know he won't be bothered , well not till he was much jder and saw the photos grin. He will be in pink sleeping for example, am recycling everything I can. Just want to change the cover smile

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