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Loving Vigour - but missing my icandy cherry.... what is the Apple like??

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fairimum Mon 01-Aug-11 10:07:51

hello again - SO I am liking our vigour - bucket seat is great and DS sleeps really well - but missing the first ever buggy we got icandy cherry (must have done good research at the time!) - sadly it got broken on holiday and never replaced (over a year ago) - so considering looking for a bargin 2nd hand cherry one ebay (have a zapp xtra - was a cheap alternative, but just not as nice as the cherry) - BUT the vigour folded is really too big in the car (have middle of 3 seats in back of car removed and buggy goes there as dogs have the boot - so wondering if can have everything and get an apple jogger as mean can have my bucket seat/rear facer AND the bigger wheels to go across the field... am i mad? is the apple awful?

thank you

Tiggywunkle Mon 01-Aug-11 11:04:10

I have had the Pear which is similar to the Apple and it wasnt bad. I found the fold large though for a single so I don't know if it will help you. The hoods are fairly shallow. It feels quite heavy - I don't know how it compares though to the Cherry or Vigour. The seats are nice and wide but the harnesses were large with no way to tighten them enough to fit my 12 month old. It was easy to push and has a decent basket. I am not sure I would buy one....

fairimum Wed 03-Aug-11 09:31:24

Anyone else had an apple?

Nanny01 Wed 03-Aug-11 13:07:37

I had a apple with my last child and would never have one again. It was very heavy pushing , didn't fold very compactly down, the harness didn't tighten up enough even for a four year old. The frame was exposed so got scratched very easily. I like the look of the new strawberry but think it will be like the rest of the icandy range expensive and heavy. I really hate heavy pushchairs and even though I had lots of compliments over it I sold it on. I am a sucker for a flashy pushchair but won't be going for that one again. Have you thought about a bugaboo bee, had one of those after the apple and loved it. Also had a baby jogger city mini and they were both better in performance than the icandy apple. Loads of people buy a large pushchair like the apple then when the baby gets older sell it for a small pushchair.

Tiggywunkle Wed 03-Aug-11 14:58:23

Just to say, the single Pear / Apple is definitely the heaviest I have tried. I love my Peach and having tried the Strawberry, I think that too could be fab to use.

Barbeasty Sat 06-Aug-11 18:47:20

I love my apple jogger. It's really good off road, and was good in the snow last year.

The harness is fine with my 13 month old, and has been fine since we first put her in it at about 4/5 months.

It's sturdy, and I don't find it too bad to push. MIL is fine with it too.

It is pretty big folded, so it might be worth going and having a look at one to see what you think.

I don't think the frame is any more exposed than lots of other pushchairs- I think most travel systems have fairly exposed frames. Ours doesn't look scratched, anyway.

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