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Got it down to 3 but which double to go for?!

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PrincessScrumpy Sun 31-Jul-11 02:36:06

Okay, it's 2.30am and I'm 32w with twins and my brain is not letting me sleep. I've tried writing a list to compare the 3 buggies we're thinking of but I'm so confused. Here they are (in no particular order):

Out and about nipper 360
Baby Jogger city mini twin
Mountain buggy Duet

I was sure I wanted the duet but I'm a little worried about the cost (couldn't afford carrycots but car seats will fit on), and the tyres getting holes - same issure for nipper, but the baby jogger isn't as smooth to push...

Ahhhhhh, help, please advise me.

Tiggywunkle Sun 31-Jul-11 10:07:28

By the middle of this week I will have had all three but right here and now I would say the Mountain Buggy Duet. You don't need carrycots at all (and by the time you need them there will be some second hand ones on the market) because the seat units like completely flat so are suitable from birth. I have never worried about tyres getting worn and one of my downsides of the City Mini is that it feels like pushing a supermarket trolley as it wiggles along rather than drives in a straight-line. If you are wanting more of an off road or better pushchair the Baby Jogger City Elite is far more superior and not really much bigger (especially not if you pop the side wheels off). I got a new Nipper to try yesterday so that is today's job, but it's wider than a standard door but apparently wiggles through some doors because of the triangular footprint but I do hear of mums tired of having to take a wheel off to get through doors. Plus some children don't like the bucket seats. Oh and the basket on the City Mini is impossible to access unless you post and retrieve on tin of beans at a time, plus the fixed handle was just too high for me and hurt my back after a bit. The huge advantage of the Duet is you will never ever have to worry about the pushchair fitting through a gap or door and for me that is the holy Grail I have been looking for in a side by side as no side by side to date fits through my local supermarket door! I will come back and update this week if you like and will do a side by side comparison of the Nipper, Duet and Elite (I sold the City Mini) too.

PrincessScrumpy Sun 31-Jul-11 19:11:27

Thank you - that would be a great help.

We have the money for the Duet but I will have to persuade dh it's worth the extra. I'm jealous you are getting your duet this week - my local shop is calling when they get them in and will put one to the side for me on the basis I can try before buying. Are you getting the car seat adaptors - it looks a bit of a faff but might be handy. Will be very interested in how you find it.

hayleysd Sun 31-Jul-11 19:16:10

My friend has the nipper 360 and it's lovely to push not sure my 19 month old would be too keen on being sat so far back in it though

Tiggywunkle Sun 31-Jul-11 20:29:46

I have taken the Nipper out today. There's lots of plus points eg excellent storage, comfy seats, good hood (but joint hood), and the biggest is that it s very light (but the wind actually blew the pushchair along with both children in when I let go!!) But there are lots of downsides. The handle is almost too low for me at 5ft 6ins but the new Nipper has an adjustable handle. The recline is either upright or flat (but the new version has a toggle recline), the size is looks tiny and height wise it is much lower, and looks tiny next to the Elite. But the Nipper is the same length and wider than the Elite and I can barely fit it in my car....and my boot is large! The Elite fits better (and BJCM). I was worrying about whether we would fit through doorways and I can't live like that when on my own with the children. My children weren't keen on the bucket seats - especially the eldest but the new version has more upright seats. The fold was faffy - three steps and the lock and again four steps to open it. The Elite / City Mini simply flings open and pulls shut. The Nipper went across sand no problem and was very easy to manoeuvre. I am not getting the car seat adaptors for the Duet - although I may get one. I think if you use the carrycot and car seat combination, or mainly car seats then the Duet adaptors will be worth it. But of you are using the seats from newborn then switching between the car seat adaptors will probably drive you mad! Someone I know was going to pick up a cheap Pear chassis for car seat mode and use the Duet for the seats. Hopefully the Duets they arrive ok this week.

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