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Cosy toes for a 3 year old?

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Tiggywunkle Thu 28-Jul-11 22:04:13

I know it's July, but I am thinking ahead!

I have several pushchairs. My problem ones are side by sides with nowhere to hook a cosy toes over the back, or to tie it to. I hate having to constantly tug a cosy toes (i have Snunkies and Buggysnuggles) back into position.

So what cosy toes or brands will stay in a good position without sliding constantly but most importantly will fit a 3 year olds legs into. I don't really want one that unzips to stick her feet out but I will consider it.

I am wondering if the Mountain Buggy or Phil & Teds or Baby Jogger ones are longer than average (my daughter can't reach the footplate of the BJ Elite yet). All ideas would be appreciated.

MonkeysPunk Thu 28-Jul-11 22:59:03

One with outlast technology? back can be fixed onto BJ by undoing the poppers at the top of the seat - pulling the back flap of fabric/elastic straps behind - and doing the poppers up onto the frame again. These ones are worth every penny. It can be unzipped for mucky boots if necessary - but probably she'll fit in anyway (in seated position in the pram. The actual old "Nomad" brand ones supplied with mountain buggy are smaller than these Alvi Outlast tech ones - and so are the newer "one tree hill" mountain buggy ones.
There's an XL Kaiser buggy snuggle that's bigger than the Alvi - but it's more suited to a 6/7y old in an Baby Jogger Twinner style (huge running performance type jogger).
The outlast technology really works well - and the child seems to have better temperature regulation in it compared to non outlast technology brand snuggle bags. If it snows again this winter you will wish you had one (or two!)...and I believe the website linked gives a deal if you need to buy two Alvi Outlast Bags!

MonkeysPunk Thu 28-Jul-11 23:01:39

PS - If running late you don't actually need to dress your child if you have the Alvi snuggle bag! wink Just pop them in, zip it up and draw the string closer (use a blanket to fill space if your baby is small still).
These snuggle bags also repel rain/snow/sleet - and so you rarely need the raincover.

Tiggywunkle Thu 28-Jul-11 23:47:00

The Outlast looks good - I should have said its for the MB Duet really - but what I was trying to explain is that DD's feet don't touch the footplate of our doubles as well ie I need room to grow and wondered if one of the twin pushchair brands like Easywalker, BJ, MB etc would be made longer to reach their footplate? Does that make sense? The Outlast ones say up to the age of 4. Thanks for the comparisons with the other brands. That is helpful.

Errm...I am just a tad worried about your naked children tucked into the Alvi snuggle bags with blankets tucked around them!! ;)

yousankmybattleship Thu 28-Jul-11 23:49:34

Erm, just a thought, but three year olds can walk you know.....

thisisyesterday Thu 28-Jul-11 23:53:13

I have a kaiser XL and LOVE it

I wouldn't say it would go up to 6/7 years tho. or maybe my kids are tall? it's fine on my 3.5 year old, but it was getting short on ds1 by the time he was out of a buggy

but they're fab. really snug and cosy.

that said, despite the non-slip back it has on it, I did have to pull it up into position quite a lot... i think you will have to with anything that you can't tether into place tbh

Tiggywunkle Fri 29-Jul-11 00:01:21

yousankmybattleship My three year old wont be walking the places where she will be in the pushchair ;) There's safety and my sanity as well as ability to consider smile as well as the fact I have a new double arriving next week -plus she is only 2 and a half at the minute and extremely prone to tantrums and walking in the opposite direction.....

MonkeysPunk I have just been looking at a photo of an Alvi and it looks very short from where the crotch strap buckle is to the bottom of the feet. Will it really last?

Thanks thisisyesterday my DD is very tall...I suspect I will have to keep pulling whatever up. I haven't seen the MB cosy toes to see how they fit in. My DD hates...absolutely hates...anything blowy and cold! So snug and cosy sounds good.

sazm Fri 29-Jul-11 00:11:00

the phil and teds sleeping bag is def not long, my 18mo wouldnt fit in one! i had a kaiser xl for my dd when she was (a tall) 3yo. it was fab,she loved it,its waterproof and SO snug and cosy smile

Elpis Fri 29-Jul-11 00:11:36

I'm a bit flummoxed by the reference to a 6-7 year-old in a pushchair... I can just about understand pushing a three-year-old around, though I don't grasp why safety and sanity are involved. Surely it would be a good idea to teach your daughter road sense? We live just off a very busy main road and I think it would be foolhardy of me to not teach DD (2.3) how to keep to the pavement, cross the road safely, always hold my hand and so on.

thisisyesterday Fri 29-Jul-11 00:14:33

i imagine some people with older children may still use a jogging buggy? for actually going jogging i mean...
it's all well and good saying, teach them road sense, mine ARE taught to not go near the road, but a 2.5yr old/3yr old has little/no impulse control and I would never presume that my toddler wouldn't run off

plus, maybe the OP walks a LOT, and needs the pushchair?

Tiggywunkle Fri 29-Jul-11 00:16:07

Elpis I never mentioned a 6-7 year old!
Monkeys I think was trying to say they are large!

sazm Fri 29-Jul-11 00:17:09

i think it depends how far you walk,if you had to walk 2-3 miles to school/playgroup each day, a 3yo would be knackered,you would also have to leave AGES to walk at their pace,if its raining they would get soaked on the way, - lots of reasons tbh.
my 2.5yo doesnt use a buggy (my 5yo dd happily would though)
we took his buggy on holiday with us knowing that he would be tired - late nights busy days at the seaside,we ended up with our 7yo being ill and wanting to sleep - he done that in the buggy - that way we could still carry on with the things the other 2 kids wanted to do!

Tiggywunkle Fri 29-Jul-11 00:19:59

I just want something nice and snuggly for bonfire nights, christmas light turn ons, outdoor events etc. where she will be in a pushchair. Also we have a Taga bike and I would hope that whatever we buy would transfer into that for autumn / winter bike rides.

suzie38 Fri 29-Jul-11 05:59:11

I like my Bugaboo footmuffs though most aren't the branded ones because they're shaped to hook over the top of the seat so they don't slip down...Seem to get them to fit onto most of my pushchairs even if the seats aren't bucket shaped...Though of course they're pretty basic without all that technology mentioned above...And if people want to use a buggy at whatever age does it really matter??? Don't forget Tiggy you're an official tester anyway [wunk]

MonkeysPunk Fri 29-Jul-11 08:41:29

There are a lot of people who use snuggle bags for sn children too you know.
Some folk respond to threads thinking only of their own situation, not of the situation that other people might be in.
My son is 3. I expect to use a pushchair right until school age and a bit beyond. In dept our daily walks will be seven miles minimum.
I have used the kaiser in a twinner jogger for 5 and 6y olds. They were tired after a long day at school, and the weather was awful. I was so grateful to be able to get them home in under 30 mins instead of the usual hour long foot dragging whiney journey!
I think the kaiser xl are larger than the alvi. You can open the foot on both.
Tiggy if you're down our way ever you could come over and try ours. I think a sitting child fits better than you think as they have their legs bent if that makes any sense. I'll get some measurements and take pics of Ds in his for you.

mamadivazback Fri 29-Jul-11 08:55:59

The Stay Put Blanket and a sheepskin liner is a great way to keep older children warm if you don't want to carry a big bulky footmuff and it will fit any size child as it attaches to the pushchair around them rather than behind them.

My DS loved his and I got both from Ebay quite cheaply smile

Tiggywunkle Fri 29-Jul-11 09:43:03

Thanks. The stay put blankets look snuggly. I made two blankets but they are just a tad short and thin really for winter. Those look nice. Suzie, thanks re the Bugaboo suggestion. Annoyingly I had one not that long ago! I seem to have various random footmuffs here but I think all will only fit the baby. Great suggestions everyone! Thanks

MonkeysPunk Fri 29-Jul-11 12:44:21 did a fur blanket for £20 which we got. It's fantastic if you have bumper bar on your pushchair.
We fold ours in half lengthways, and hook it through the bumper bar to keep nicely in place. Your child then gets to feel all the snuggly fur tucked up against them and everyone sees the fur on the outside too!
It looks v expensive but more to the point it keeps your child warm!

Tiggywunkle Wed 10-Aug-11 21:12:45

Bumping up for Truthsweet smile

Tiggywunkle Mon 15-Aug-11 12:27:38

I am back again. I have gone round and round in circles! I am not desperately keen on the sleeping bag type foot muffs and am back looking at regular brands eg Bugaboo, Uppababy, icandy etc.. Are any of these roomy and I could do with a double zip often so feet can stick out if necessary. I have different pushchairs eg an iCandy and City Select which have seat frames and those without frames eg side by side doubles. I think the sleeping bag type will look odd on the framed seats?

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