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OBaby folding

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mumwithdice Thu 28-Jul-11 14:50:50

I got this because it looked small and straightforward and I had a horror of being one of those mums with SUV prams (We live in London and often take public transport). It also looked like the folding mechanism would be manageable which is important as I am dyspraxic.

However, either we have a faulty buggy or I am too rubbish at folding. Anyone have one of these and able to fold it easily? If so, any advice would be appreciated as DD is getting too heavy for her sling.

mousymouse Thu 28-Jul-11 14:55:09

get a better sling smile
honestly, I still carry dd daily in the ergo carrier and she is nearly 20m and about 12kg. we even went hiking, climbing fences etc.

wrt the buggy: there are two red clips. first you pull forward the clip in the middle of the buggy (possible with shoes but I found it impossible with sandals), then push down the red clip/lever on the right side. after that you should be able to just collapse it.

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