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Advice please! Maclaren Quest or Techno XT - which do I need?

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mintymellons Mon 25-Jul-11 11:23:29

DD2 is 16 months. We have been transporting her in a Quinny Buzz until now, but both she and the pram (lovely though it is) are rather heavy and it's time to switch to a lightweight option.

I've just dug DD1's old Maclaren Triumph out and DD2 has been out in it this morning but it's a bit tatty and rusty, so needs replacing.

Question is, do I get a Maclaren Quest or a Techno XT. Bearing in mind that DD2 will be using it less and less as time goes by, but also taking into account that she'll still be in it a fair bit over the coming winter, so I want something sturdy (especially if we have snow like last year!).

Equally, any other recommendations will be gratefully received.


Lady1nTheRadiator Mon 25-Jul-11 12:02:23

What about a BJCM? Sturdy, big seat, comfy, easiest thing in the world to fold, lies flat for naps, best hood I've seen on a pushchair... I love mine.

5inthebed Mon 25-Jul-11 12:03:43

I'd say XT, but really, LAITR is right, bjcm is much better.

Have had all three and prefer BJCM

mintymellons Mon 25-Jul-11 13:02:23


I've noticed the Baby Jogger seems to crop up a lot and is highly recommended. My only concern is that it looks a bit 'pushchairy' if that makes sense and I really want it to be more 'buggyish' and be suitable to use for the next 18 months or so as DD2 gets older. Think I need to have a look at one in RL - can't say I've ever seen any, but bet there are loads out there!

Lady1nTheRadiator Mon 25-Jul-11 14:18:22

I know what you mean - I also have a Quest and my only reservation about selling it is that it's pretty nippy and very narrow. That said, my rather large 3.9 year old can sit comfortably in the BJCM and it's still easy to push - unlike the Quest. I honestly think the pros of the Baby Jogger will mean I use it over the others even when DD is older.

I really like that the recline is done with a strap so you're not limited to one or two positions like the Quest, or the Bee - there are two viewing windows meaning I can get a good look at DD however I have the hood and however she is laying (reclined or upright) - way better than the Quest where you have to look at just the right angle and can't see them very well even then... I think my DD is comfier in the BJCM than the Bee or the Quest - I have it lined with a sheepskin and it's cosy and roomy and she's sheltered unlike in the others. The hood is just brilliant, I can walk facing the sun in the middle of the day and DD's face is covered without an extra shade or parasol, it also makes it nice and dark for naps... I know I sound a bit evangelical but honestly I think it's a brilliant pushchair, and I have owned a fair few!

Also I'll tell you this is the best thing for me - I can hang DS's micro scooter on the handlebar without it feeling unbalanced, or sticking out at a stupid angle - it just sits there obediently and neatly rather than balancing awkwardly as it does on my other pushchairs.

Lady1nTheRadiator Mon 25-Jul-11 14:22:36

AND (sorry) the basket is really roomy - and still easily accessible when reclined. Extra storage behind the seat is great too. The Bee has a huge basket so I thought anything would be crap in comparison, but I was wrong...

Did I mention the fold?! grin Maclaren + rain = both ends when folded are wet. BJCM = all the wheels are at least in the same place. And they pop off so easily if you want to chuck them in a bag to avoid a muddy boot. It goes over grass well too - not as good as air tyres naturally but a million times better than the little Quest wheels.

sazm Mon 25-Jul-11 17:30:33

i bought a brand new xt, and although it was a nice buggy,i felt the wheels a bit 'plasticky' it was also quite hard to recline/fold because it was new,
i sold it and bought an older xt and i LOVE it, my ds is 2.5yo and i only use it on a long day out or holiday,but my 7yo was unwell on holiday and just wanted to sleep, we stuck him in the xt so we could still go and do things and he managed to snooze quite happily in it!

mintymellons Mon 25-Jul-11 18:46:16

Thank you.

The thing about sticking the scooter on the handlebars really swings it for the BJCM!

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