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What do I need? (almost 6 mo)

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Deliaskis Mon 25-Jul-11 09:49:08

Hi folks,

Apologies upfront for being thick about this, but my excuse is, it's my first baby and so far we have been given/lent everything so I've just said 'great thanks', rather than actually figured out the options available.

So DD is almost 6 mo, has been in a M&P Pliko pramette so far. She used to be always in the main lying down pram, and is now often in the pushchair bit, either upright-ish or semi-reclined to fully reclined for sleeping.

We used this as my DSis lent it us, and it has been great so far, but I am now at the stage where I'm looking around and thinking there must be lighter less 'heavy-duty' things I could use now. The thing is I'm confused by pram/buggy/stroller/pushchair/travel system terminology.

What I want is:

Something that DD can sit up in, recline, or sleep in
Something that is lightish and relatively easy to fold (although I don't use public transport etc., I will have it in and out of the car to lend to Grandma on childcare days)
Something that will hopefully see her through to not needing anything at all (at what 3/4 ish?)
All the usual things - hood, sunshade thingy, raincover etc.
Would like option to face forwards or face me, but not a dealbreaker
Something that will cost less than a month's worth of SMP (LOL)

What I don't need is:

Car seat option
Proper newborn lie-down pram thing

So what is it I need exactly? When does a pram become a puschair/buggy? Or do I in fact need to stick with what I've got? I will of course go out shopping and looking around, but I don't think I really understand what it is I need at the mo and don't want to be led a merry dance by enthusiastic sales people.

Ta in advance for any advice


Deliaskis Mon 25-Jul-11 09:50:30

Ah yes, and ideally should fold a bit smaller than what I have now, which is barely smaller when folded than it is when unfolded.

Tiggywunkle Mon 25-Jul-11 10:55:23

Sorry to sound like a broken record (see the other post today) but you do have to go a long way to beat the Baby Jogger City Mini as a great all round, easy to use pushchair. The four wheel version is due any day soon too. It is so easy to use. Flat when folded, easy to clean, as a huge hood, good basket etc. The raincover would be extra. They arent that expensive but are a good second hand buy too because the chassis etc (not fabrics) has a life time warranty and the fabrics are easy to shower down for a good wash. It will certainly see you through to age 4/5 easily! I have lots of pushchairs but it's the one I use nearly every day because it's so simple but effective!

aswellasyou Mon 25-Jul-11 12:06:21

I agree again. The only downfall is that it can't be parent facing. I was given a Pliko Pramette too. I passed it on when my daughter was 4 months because it's so long when folded. I didn't mind it as a pram, but it's not a great pushchair.
Re the terminology, different people/companies use them to mean different things. In my head pram=lie down, carrycot style, buggy=seriously basic stroller, stroller=lightweight, compact, narrow pushchair, travel system=compatible with a carseat, pushchair=all of the above.

Deliaskis Mon 25-Jul-11 12:35:36

Thanks guys, that looks great. Also looks like quite good value as well.

Off to have a nosey at all the options.


tigermummy35 Tue 26-Jul-11 20:04:49

I'd say go for a Maclaren Techno. Easy to fold, lies flat, in-built suspension, raincover, clever zippy outty hood for when it's sunny (no faffing around with a parasol), also extendable handles for taller peeps. Forward facing only, but let's face it, kids want to see where they are going!

4 year guarantee and british. What more could you need?!

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