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Quinny Zapp Xtra

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LibbyLou123 Fri 22-Jul-11 13:18:58

What are people's opinions on this pushchair?

I've watched the clip of how to fold/unfold it on kiddicare, but it looks awkward and fiddly to get the seat unit on and off to fold it down and put it back up.

I love the look of this pushchair in rebel red but don't want to buy one that I'm going to get annoyed with after a week!

Tiggywunkle Fri 22-Jul-11 14:29:32

I think you have summed it up nicely! I had a Zapp simply because of the small fold - it fitted neatly into my car. My daughter was comfy, we sorted storage out with various clever bags so I could get my shopping on board plus the raincover. So when my son was born I got the Zapp Xtra so I could use a car seat and the seat. The concept is fab ie small fold, neat pushchair with parent facing, reclinable seat but in reality as with my original Zapp it's something to buy when space is at a premium rather than ease of use. I couldn't fit my storage bags on it because everything slid down the frame. First of all the fold is difficult. The first 1,2 steps are easy but the stage 3 push in is hard and even harder with a new chassis. Secondly the seat removal isn't hard once you know how, but it can catch on the way out and need a good tug. Its easy enough to put back on. The seat unit itself is very wide and flat. I didn't like putting my young son in it - he felt exposed - so I bought a Bugaboo Cocoon and it worked fab. BUT if you plan to use it as a travel system this is where my major flaw / bugbear is. There are two small round adaptors that you remove to put the car seat adaptors on. These get left all over the place, and are highly likely to get lost, misplaced, moved, or as mine did they rolled out of a storage bag in the dark. They cost me £30 and nearly two months of lost use to get them back. If you have no plans to use the car seat on then it's not so much of an issue but be warned. I liked it as a whole, however the fold mechanism even after trying to lubricate it, was too stiff so once I got the new adaptors I sold it. Personally a) I would buy a second hand, used so hopefully looser chassis and then buy the Xtra seat to go on the top and b) don't bother if your child is over a year. I had planned to convert my Xtra to a normal Zapp by adding fabrics at around 9 months. I sold mine and got a Baby Jogger City Mini and it was a brilliant decision! So I have mixed feelings. I like the Xtra, I like the concept and look. But losing the adaptors took the shine off it or me and the third stage of the fold hurt my arms too much.

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