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Maclarens - Techno XT vs XLR? Or Volo? Mostly for travelling with 3-year-old

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squaLLANDBonfire Thu 21-Jul-11 00:32:48

Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences between the Maclaren XT and XLR? I can't see much of a difference between them, except for the price tag!

Or maybe I need something different? (Maybe this should be a separate thread)

My wish list:

Collapsible and portable, pref. umbrella-folding. Mostly to use while travelling, but also handy for when DD (aged 3) tires from her walk and I don't fancy putting her in a sling (I'm mostly a sling-user)

Reclining, as DD aged 3 often has afternoon naps still, and baby DS will use it eventually (Maclaren Volo seemed perfect until I learned that it didn't recline)

Single bar handle for ease of steering and because I have moderate RSI and can't really grip things for long.
Though I assume I have to choose between bar handle and umbrella-folding. DP vetoed a Bee because it wasn't umbrella-folding and he thought it was too big when we checked it out in John Lewis so we could see what it was like before looking for one secondhand.

Then I learned of the XT and XLR - thought they seemed the answer but I saw an XLR in RL and it looked massive.

I'm sort of wondering whether we should have a Volo for travelling and quick runs, and something else for when we're out all day.

Experience or suggestions very much appreciated!

pramsgalore4 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:31:35

if you want a single bar, then forget about a maclaren buggy, i had an xlr and it was huge folded, have you looked at the baby jogger city mini the new 4 wheel version will be out very very soon which i think will be better and the fold is just pull a handle in the seat and lift up very easy,

pramsgalore4 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:37:31

you could always use a mothercare jive for quick runs, they recline and are only about £50 new but they are basic but do the job, i have one for on the bus

5inthebed Thu 21-Jul-11 09:39:57

Get a volo if you are just using it for quick runs.

I reccommend a Baby Jogger City Mini, they are fantastic and easy to push when you've got to hold your 3 year olds hand.

nicolamumof3 Thu 21-Jul-11 10:23:04

Xt and Xlr are impossible for one handed push. Volo fab little buggy and all my kids have seen out their pushchair days in them lovely soft hammocky sleep fine for an older child to sleep in. Super light to push and easy to store.

5inthebed Thu 21-Jul-11 12:48:19

What on earth are you doing posting woman! You just had a baby!

You need to change your name as well grin

squaLLANDBonfire Thu 21-Jul-11 13:10:36

Thanks, everyone! OK, I'll forget about those Maclaren Techno X thingies, look into the other things, and also look more closely at Volo.

5inthebed grin I think someone else you're thinking of must have a similar name. My baby is 7 months old and I ain't having another!

But you're probably right about the name change as this one's rubbish. I'm usually llandb and this is my halloween name, caps so people who know I'm llandb don't get confused. When I joined MN I didn't realise that cookies or something meant I'd stay logged in and I didn't fancy retyping my name every time so I went for the acronym rather than the full version (lemon lime and bitters = ll and b) Now I'm dying to know who the other person is! grin

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! I have to go to town tomorrow anyway (no shoes to wear for a wedding on Sat) so I'll poke my beak into the shops and look at the displays and see whether they have any of those smile

squaLLANDBonfire Thu 21-Jul-11 13:55:38

Wait, 5inthebed, we've chatted before... but can't think where
<changes feet; would consult single extant braincell, but it's gone for a wander...>

5inthebed Thu 21-Jul-11 14:22:25

Sorry, meant Nicola. She had a baby girl yesterday!

Probably seen me on a pram thread or Sn board, I tend to frequent those. Well, SN not so much now since I was accused of being jealous someone got more respite than me, which is defo not the caswe.

squaLLANDBonfire Thu 21-Jul-11 18:10:52

Ah, right (sticks both feet in mouth). Sorry you had a rubbish time on the other board, 5inthebed sad And congratulations, Nicola! smile

MonkeysPunk Thu 21-Jul-11 21:24:33

Congratulations Nicola! X
Op, baby jogger city mini. Forget umbrella folds.

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