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Baby jogger city select

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Folicacid Wed 20-Jul-11 17:20:23

Has anyone used the BJC select on buses? I like that it feels solid and chunky but worry that it will be a monster to get on a bus. I know that it folds down in two rather than one piece so really I would be aiming to be able to get on the bus and keep it up ( where there was space for us) as putting it down in two pieces plus holding onto a baby will be impossible. I will mostly be driving places, but don't want to completely rule out getting a bus every week or so.

Guildfordnanny Wed 20-Jul-11 17:53:08

You can in theory fold the BJCS in one piece with both seats on! It is even neater and easier with the 2010 seat units as they fold underneath and make it a square package. But you still need somehwere to put the baby down as you need both hands to fold it. The BJCS looks longer than it actually is. Some modes are shorter than others. The BIG advantage of the BJCS above most other tandems is that there is no overhang at the back. If you look at this set of photos you will see the front seat is directly over the front wheel (a bit of an issue) but it means the pushchair ends at the end of the chassis) Look here at the back because there is no hood or second seat in the way. Thus if you push the handlebar in to the lowest setting the BJCS is actually a pretty neat package. If you run into an issue it is dead simple to leave baby in the seat, take the toddler out, remove the front seat and slide the seat into the basket or put it between your knees, and hey presto you have a single! If you look through the side by side comparisions you will clearly see that the Baby Jogger City Select is shorter than both the Phil&Teds photographed and the B-Dual. The more I see and learn about tandems, its quite interesting what optical illusions are caused by the placing of the seat units! The P&T's look small because the noses are slim, but the seats and handlebars give length at the back. The B-Dual seems tall because of the front seat being high, but in reality the hood height is the same height near enough to a Phil&Teds. Anyway have a look through the comparison photos because they are interesting to look at!!

Folicacid Wed 20-Jul-11 18:11:58

Wow what a detailed response, thank you so much Guildord Nanny.

I would be buying it as a single (in first instance with the thought that can easily convert to two) so I suppose that means it is even neater for public transport then! I keep being told though that the single doesn't fold down in one piece, so that's interesting to see it folded down in one piece witgh two setas on.

More food for thought...really appreciate your post, thanks.

Guildfordnanny Wed 20-Jul-11 18:22:58

There are two downsides to what would otherwise be a perfect tandem. First of all it is relatively wide at the back. You will notice this more as you change from a different single to the BJCS but it isn't as wide as the B-Dual. The big downside is the weight distribution which is fine for normal pushing but if you meet a cambered pavement then it can be hard to stay on course, and if you need to go up a step or kerb then you need to think ahead and push down on the handle in plenty of time to get you up. To be honest in this day and age, there are dropped kerbs everywhere and in a year I have rarely - probably 3-4 times - had to lift the front end up when out and about.

You can certainly fold the BJCS easily in one piece but the seat has to be facing forwards. I like this photo of the BJCS folded with both seats on next to the B-Dual The only issue with folding with both seats on, is that one is in contact with the floor when you put it down - but you can stand it on its side. Both seats have to face forwards for a double seat fold plus you need to tuck the foot rests under. However in forward facing mode you can't recline either seat (only in backwards mode or with seats facing each other).

I have had my BJCS a year and I will probably cry on the day it goes because I have truly loved it. I love the choices of seating positions and the flexibility of car seat, carrycot, seat options.

Just to add, the BJCS is shorter in some modes, so you can change the seats round before you got onto a bus if you wanted to or plan your outing with it in the shortest mode. It is incredibly easy (but totally not advised) to lay one child down flat on the floor in the seat unit whilst you move the other and then put the other one back in the new position.

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