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XLR or XT or Something else

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CJMommy Fri 15-Jul-11 23:37:40

DD Is 6 months old. We are looking to replace our very cumbersome and bulky travel system with something that is relatively lightweight, is good for travelling (abroad/on a plane etc) but still has the comfort factor. It will be the main buggy so needs to be durable and last 3+ years. We currently have a Quinny Zapp as our 2nd pushchair - light and folds very small but doesn't recline and I'm not convinced about the comfort as a main buggy.

I have mainly been looking at the XT/XLR but don't know which to choose between them? Any recommendations?

Also, is there a different one to the Maclaren that I have overlooked?

Grateful of any advice as there seems to be so much to choose from!


pramsgalore4 Fri 15-Jul-11 23:46:28

i had an xlr and hated it, it was really nice to push, but was tall for me, i am 5 foot. but what i hated the most was the space it took up when folded it was huge, not a compact fold at all and the person who bought it struggled to get it in the boot of her car, ended up putting it on the passenager side

CJMommy Fri 15-Jul-11 23:59:59

Thanks pramsgalore - interesting to hear about the size when folded. I think I've read this somewhere else too?

MonkeysPunk Sat 16-Jul-11 08:33:19

I think the xlr is better value than the xt, as the hood is fully lined, the fabric is nicer quality and you get the padded seat liner and boot cover to add comfort.
Aside from that the wider seat and one handed recline lever on the latest models makes it better for a larger toddler.
Other than that i would look at the baby jogger city mini. I noticed next online had a good price for these, they stock black or plum colours.
They fold really small in the blink of an eye and are really comfy.

mamadivazback Sat 16-Jul-11 10:47:44

I had an XT and hated it because the handles are not padded so the rubber goes sticky, the recline was awkward and the basket was tiny DS also never looked comfy in it because it has quite a narrow depth.

We ended up with the Baby Jogger City Mini which was fab for most terrains, compact and it has a massive seat which was great for my tall DS!

Guildfordnanny Sat 16-Jul-11 11:49:55

Another vote here for the City Mini. The four wheel version should be here in a couple of weeks too smile

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